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Horomatangi Assets



So, looking to get some more games of TOS and have been eyeing up Horo as a commander. Due to various errata stat alterations i decided to use the app to list build innstead of physical cards and noticed that when sticking assets on Horo I had the usual options of all the generic malifaux assets, his 3 legal hordes assets but then also 3 cult assets. The list this was being done in was Gibbering Hordes with Court of Two as Envoy but chcecking the rules I can't see why the app allows me to take the cult upgrades.


Page 59 of the hardback rules in hire your company reads "This scrip can be used to hire any combination od units and Assets that belong to the Company's chosen Allegiance." Later it states "All assets must be attatched to a unit that shares at least one allegiance with them" but I assumed this is clarifying that I cannot for example place Hordes exclusive cards onto a Court of Two Envoy. Is there a rule I am missing here, an errata/FAQ change I haven't noticed or is it a bug in the app? The app treats Kassa the same way but this feels a much bigger deal for Horo as his two personal assets both have the versatile special rule plus a massive disable 5 flip score, so being able to take both feels like  big power jump from only being able to take one.

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