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Can I post here for LFG?


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I am a GMT time zone player. So thursday or tuesdays may be better, will have a better plan in a month. 

I am relatively new i suppose, I have played it before but in sparse periods, the most recent game i played had some strong house ruling in the form of each player has their own fate deck and 2 pursuits you take turns taking steps in rather than having the a single pursuit you can switch from between sessions. 

Improv acting is part of it, it kinda depends on time i am given to think on a character, sometimes it doesn't work out well but I do try

I wouldn't consider myself a murderhobo, I like fighty characters and a soft spot for bad guys (so obviously a fan of ressers, neverborn and guild in that order :P) but i wouldn't say I initiate a lot of battles, maybe 50/50 but mostly in my experience with D&D and pathfinder. 

considering my small experience with the game and some knowledge of the fluff I would most likely be asking for some arm holding, both to guide me and make sure I don't veer off.

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