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Some noob questions


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I've read most of the Core Rules at this point and I just made my first character.  Here are various questions that have come up:

  •  In the example at the bottom of page 301 of the Core Rules, It says that Brett has 2 ranks in Pugilism so his damage track is 2/2/3. But if I look at the Pugilism skill on page 175, it lists 2 ranks as 1/2/4.  Is this a mistake or am I missing something?
  •  The Doublet/Duster armor isn't listed as Light or Heavy, so I assume that means it doesn't offer any damage protection -- it only lets you ignore a first crit effect.  If that is true, then does that also mean that it doesn't reduce your Defense at all?
  •  I was using a deluxe 4-page character sheet from the GM screen and it has spaces for Venture Talent.  Is this an outdated term from 1st edition?  If not, then I'm not sure what it refers to but my guess would be that it might be the On The Pursuit ability of your chosen Pursuit?
  •  It seemed strange that the Root Skills step is before the Mind step -- in other words, you're choosing skills based on your mental aspects before you even know the ratings for those aspects.  Just curious if there's a good reason for that ordering which I'm overlooking.
  •  Initiative is not on the character sheet - I assume this is a new derived aspect introduced with 2nd edition?
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1) there are 2 possible answers: a) it was an old set of data that never got update. b) Brett has some upgrades that aren't mentioned. Either way, it is an example and isn't meant to be taken as precident. 

2) right. It has no armor value. So does not lower defense. 

3) yeah there is a newer character sheet in the resources section of the website I believe. 

4) root skills don't have to be mental. Also, the game is written to be more about role playing than min/maxing. The character creation process is a storytelling aspect. For instance your character may have learned skills without being naturally gifted at them. The characters start out as slightly better than a common person so while they may not be super fast super heavy hitting combat machines, they can be the equivalent of someone who has had some training like a rookie cop or a college graduate. Not everyone had access to higher schooling back then. It actually does a good job of representing someone learning a little about a number of skills. Not to the point of savant in any of them. But more than common knowledge. 

5) initiative got left off the old edition sheets. 

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