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UK nationals 5th - crews


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Some people seem to be asking about crews so will post mine.

Game 1 vs shenlong (win 7-2), I chose deliver and outflank.

Misaki, shang, ototo, fuhatsu - silent protector, lone swordsman, 2 samurai


Game 2 vs shenlong (loss 4-6), I chose assassinate and take prisoner.

Shenlong, 2 students, sensei yu, dawn serpent, 2 thunder archers, 2 wandering river monks, low river monk


Game 3 vs thunders mei feng (win 5-3), I chose claim jump and deliver a message.

Same Misaki crew as game 1.


Game 4 vs McCabe (win 7-2), I chose claim jump and take prisoner.

Mei feng, forgeling, fuhatsu - silent protector, sparks - trained ninja, metal golem, metal gamin, rail worker, shadow effigy.


Game 5 vs pandora (win 6-1), I chose take prisoner and breakthrough.

Shenlong - masked agent, 2 students, sensei yu, low river monk, fuhatsu, 2 samurai - silent protectors 


Game 6 vs seamus (loss 4-5), I chose assassinate and search the ruins

Misaki crew same as game 1 and 3.


Game 7 vs molly (win 8-4), I chose outflank and claim jump.

Shenlong, 2 students, sensei yu, fuhatsu - silent protector, lone swordsman, 2 wandering river monks, 2 low river monks


I had some very good games over the weekend, although 4 thunders on day 1 was alot. Still cant get the dawn serpent to do anything for me but then it was jumped on turn 1 by a fast yasanori so didnt get to do much.

Overall shenlong won 2, lost 1, misaki won 2, lost 1 and mei feng won 1. Extremely happy with my end position and generally happy with how I played the crews.

Thanks to dave brown for organising and to all my opponents for a fun weekend. 

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