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Malifaux 3E 50ss Tournament Concord, NC


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What: Malifaux 3d Standard 50ss Tournament

When: August 17th - 11AM

Where: The Mighty Meeple, 8440 Pit Stop Ct, Concord, NC 28027

This will be a 3 Round Standard 50ss event.
Entry Fee: $10

Prizes TBD
Best Painted Totem

First Round will begin at 11:30AM.

*Dead Man’s Hand will NOT be allowed at this event.

*For the time being, the NC Henchmen have agreed that we will test out single master crew construction moving forward. Starting with this event, you may choose Masters as Leaders, but crews will not be able to hire additional Masters. (Viktoria’s being the exception as per their rule). We appreciate your understanding while we test this out and keep an eye as the world meta evolves.

*Painted crews are not required but encouraged.

*Proxies will be allowed but need to be cleared by me. Proxies must be clear to your opponent. Proxies must be on the appropriate base size. A model here or there will be allowed, but a full crew of proxies would not be, so please ask.


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