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ToS / Malifaux on Cyprus


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Hello all!

I'm Malifaux player from Russian and im also a Henchman. I moved to Cyprus a week ago and i'm currently trying to find ppl to play with. As far as i know there is a wargame hobby store in Nicosia but i didn't found any in Limassol or Paphos :( And in Nicosia they are mostly playing MTG and Warhammer rather than Wyrd Games products (i will visit the store soon and make sure of it myself)

As for Malifaux - i can run some demo events, show a game and share miniatures (they are on the way, should be around 2-3 weeks here, almost full Neverborn and Ressurectionists factions). If there will be players (or maybe they are and i just didn't found them yet) i can run some Tournaments, or Rapid Growth Leagues or whatever we would like to.

As for ToS - i din't played yet, but i'm ready to jump in, buy miniatures and start learning a game. I just need someone who is also interested in The Other Side.

Please, feel free to make posts in this topic, or send me a message any time. Any kind of information would be very helpful - do you want to play, or want a demo, or know someone who do - all of it can help us grow some local Wyrd community here :) 

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