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Brisbane "The Other Side" League 16 Jan - 27 Feb

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While we all eagerly await M3E arriving, to keep us busy I've decided to start up an other side league.

Location: The Magic Vault, 9 sth pine rd, Alderley

Time: wednesday nights from 5.30pm

**** all games will be played in the war room at the Magic vault, large gaming space out the back, there is a $5 entry fee, or become a member for a year for $50 for free entry all year.

**** all participants will recieve an a5 Printed "The Other Side" Rules booklet, plus other potential swag. *******



Using the Tides of battle document (found here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/the-other-side) with some slight modifications:

- Garrisons will only require 1 commander for phase 1, then 2 (or 3 if available) for phase 2 & 3.

- Games can be played on non league nights if required, with achievements signed off by both players then passed to me for verification

- Proxies for unreleased models will be allowed, With the following restrictions:

  1. that they are based correctly (including fireteam slot bases),
  2. That the models used are representative or similar to what they would look like in the rulebook (to avoid confusion when on the table)
  3. that a photocopy of the card is printed out of the rulebook to be used at the table, and 
  4. by the end of the league said proxies have been fully painted.

- all other rules as per Tides of Battle document


This will commence next wednesday 16 Jan and run for 6 weeks through to 27 Feb with 2 week phases:

PHASE 1: 16 Jan - 30 Jan 

- event sign up (contact me if intending to sign up but can't make the night, PM through here or on brisbane FB group chat.

- Submit Garrison for phase 1 (1 commander, 40scrip worth of units and assets, 8 strategems)

- all games for phase 1 will be single commander games.


PHASE 2: 30 Jan - 13 Feb

- Garrison lists submitted (2 commanders, 60 scrip worth of units and assets, 1 envoy, 10 strategems) must include all selections from previous garrison.

- all games for phase 2 will be single commander plus 10 scrip


PHASE 3: 13 Feb - 27 Feb

- Garrison lists submitted (2-3 commanders, up to 75 scrip worth of units and assets, 1 envoy, 15 strategems) must include all selections from previous 2 garrisons

- games for phase 3 will be duel commander *****please note that a duel commander game can take a considerable time to play*****


Awards / Prizes will be determined as the league progresses, intent is for raffle style lucky draw, all people should walk away with at least something though.  Main intent is just to get people playing the other side and potentially build more hype for the game with people playing.

To sign up either contact me

  1. through PM,
  2. email me    vanilla_dice@hotmail.com 
  3. through the Brisbane Malifaux FB group,
  4. ask to be added to the Brisbane Wyrd FB messenger group chat
  5. add me on facebook, search in "the other place" facebook group


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