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Mounted Guards in Thunders?


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Hello everyone, greetings from Russia!

Recently I started playing Malifaux, and decided to go for McCabe and Ten Thunders as one of my starting crews and I really want to make my gang as fast as possible... with no dogs, and with 1-2 Mounted Guards. Yeah, I know, sounds weird, but dammit, with so many models with high charge Thunders can provide, the temptation is irresistible. Surely it won’t be very effective, but I’m good with that, never were a competitive person, and ok with losing. I have a couple ideas, but considering my lack of experience they are probably bullocks. Anyway, here goes nothing:

So, the first one is basically a Samurai with Favor of Heaven, and a Mounted Guard. With +1chg armored guy will have sum of 7, so Guard can pick him up and move 10”, make 2 saber attacks, and with a ram chain-activate Samurai, so 2 more attacks wich will ignore armor. I actually thought about LoneSwordsman instead of Samurai at first, but since the distance would be cut pretty fast, his bulletproof won’t make any serious impact. 

Second one is Illuminated. Nice damage in combination with terrifying, armor and healing to survive in the thick of things. Yes, there won’t be any brilliance-synergy, but maybe it’s worth trying?

Obsidian Statue. Armor - check, high damage - check, large HP pool - check, ability to heal - check. And what a magestic image of a poor horse, bearing Guardsman and the freaking statue on its back in mind... 

Wanyudo. Well, again, armor, damage, HP. No heal this time, but with some very cool burning stuff.

Last one is Wandering River Monk. But this time, after the cavalry charge, passenger will leap out of battle and run for schemes. So, basically MG will be just a taxi for monk, so he can move through half-a-board spending only 0 action.

Well, that’s it. If any of you ever played something like that, or can say which one won’t work just from the height of experience I would be glad to hear any critics. 

P.S. I perfectly understand that considering me being newbie it is “running before walking”, but I hope you won’t blame me too much for that. 

P.P.S. I sincerely hope my grammar is not that bad. Sorry if it is.

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2 hours ago, theamazingmrg said:

I've no experience with Ten Thunders, but I'm not sure you want to get Mounted Guards at the moment because when 3rd Edition comes out sometime in 2019 we think) then McCabe won't be able to take Guild models anymore, so you may not get much use out of them.

Well, I got them for my guardian-based guild crew anyway, so, not a big deal.

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