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Ulix Elite Crew Help.


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So I have been toying around with the idea of an elite Ulix crew that doesnt use his summoning. Ulix was my first master but I have almost exclusively played him as a summoner and healer the whole time. 

So I have a game tonight and this is the list I am planning on taking. 

Declared Faction: Gremlins 
Crew Name: Elite Ulix 50ss 
Leader: Ulix - Cache:(4)
   Huntin' Bow 2ss 
   Throw Yer Voice 1ss 
Old Major 9ss 
   Saddle 1ss 
Gracie 10ss 
Gremlin Crier 7ss 
The Sow 8ss 
Slop Hauler 5ss 
Swine-Cursed 7ss 

So the idea being that we have a core of ulix old major and the slop hauler who can move up behind and supporting Gracie and The Sow as the damage. Hunting Bow can buff there damage output to ridiculous heights aswell as offer them extra attacks. While throw your voice provides extra mobility and can trigger the Sows 'smell fear' ability. For a potential six attacks from the sow for 3 AP from ulix. 


Swine cursed can be a durable scheme runner with good damage potential if neccisary  

And the crier can do the same. While also providing more WP for the sow and doing traditional crier shenanigans. 


What do you all think of this idea? Qnd any changes and suggestions you have for this crew to change it up? 


Thanks all!

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