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The Other Side Demos - Dark Sphere, London - 15-16 Dec 2018


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Hello All!

I'm going to be running The Other Side Demos at Dark Sphere all weekend 15-16 December. Saturday 15th I'll be at the new Shepherd's Bush Megastore, Sunday 16th I'll be at Waterloo Store.

I'm planning to be there as long as the shops are open on each day, so anyone who is interested is welcome to drop in and play a demo off the cuff, but if you do know you want to come it would be good to know roughly when people are hoping to turn up.

If you can't make that weekend but would like a The Other Side (or Malifaux for that matter) demo at a different time, please get in touch - I'm happy to oblige when time permits... I may be spending every spare moment painting for the next couple of weeks... 

Any questions, feel free to ask!


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Many thanks Tom for hosting the demo....I arrived like a total outsider but you all made me feel not just welcome but part of the game...and post demo as a no longer outsider all I can say is "oh yeah!!"

...came away not just looking forward to painting some great miniatures but anticipating seeng them in action....only regret ?...I didn't buy an Immolated Rhino*

*Kudos to whoever coined that model designation...for me it's already on the level of "Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch" albeit that ECB Black Ops are going to receive the full attention of my brushes as soon as I'm free

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