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The Importance of Being Speckled


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I’ve been working somewhat diligently on my own Gibbering Horde, and looking through the rules, it seems the army as a whole relies pretty heavily on reinforcement tokens, namely the Alpha Crawler and the Frenzy, though any unit would appreciate them. That said, it seems Speckled Crawlers are a big necessity, and they need to get to glory, as otherwise you’ll be using focused efforts to get those tokens. What are your thoughts? Can you run an army without them? If so, how’re you planning on getting reinforcement tokens?

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There’s other ways of getting them that require more effort. Relics of Ancient Malifaux gives a Commander a ranged Reinforcement token application with a trigger to cast again, and a choice to actually reinforce.

Karkinoi laying egg clutches gives up to 2 if you flip the right suits when devouring them. Horomatangi can shout 2 onto a unit twice a turn. Some units have triggers to get them.

Speckled Crawlers are just the most effortless way.

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2 hours ago, Wombats said:

I might be proxying them as Speckled for now.  

Base sizes and model count are wrong. Striped are 9 40mm on 3 100mm fireteam bases. Speckled are 10 30mm on 2 120mm fireteam bases.

Striped are fine. They’re the basic melee grunt. Speckled are a tarpit and Reinforcement token generator, they do different things.

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