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CaptainCon February 8th-10th 2019 The Other Side Events


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Be a part of History as you play in the First United States Convention Tournament for Wyrd Miniatures new Game the Other Side. We have two events locked in and already accepting pregrestaiton which I can't stress to you enough how important it is to sign up for this event. Greater presale means our space can potentially be expanded. We'll have prizes for First, 2nd, 3rd and Best painted as well as our coveted Last Place trophy known as the Spoon which will be for if the winner is of legal drinking age a Bottle of Whiskey. Additionally well have a prize raffle and just for participating you'll receive a set of commemorative objective markers.  Also an award for Best Painted.  Join us for The Other Side under the warm Light of the Burning man.


The Details Convention is Held in Beautiful Warwick Rhode Island From Friday February 8th Through Sunday February 10th.

1 Commander Events with a 40 Script Pool.

Pool Will consist of During Captain Tournaments, players must provide a Pool to the TO before the start of the event. Pool consist of Commanders, Units, Assets, and any Envoys that a player may hire from during a game and all Stratagems they may choose from when creating their Stratagem Deck. A player's Pool cannot contain more units with the same name than the number of Commanders that they may have in their Pool. For example, in One Commander tournaments, a Pool cannot contain more than 2 units with the same name. While the size of the Pool for any given Tournament is up to the TO, below is listed the size of the Pool For Captain COn,  One Commander: Two Commanders, 40 Scrip worth of Units and Assets, and any 9 Stratagems.

Friday event here



Saturday event can be found here



For Questions on the Event please email the organizer me cheatedfatesjoe@gmail.com 

Thanks and hope to see you at Captaincon.

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