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Lucius fluff


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The Right Honourable Lucius Gustavius FitzWilliam Mattheson, at your service...

Jesting aside, yes, there are a great many excellent Lucius stories elsewhere, these are a few --


''The Portrait'' by N.A. Wolff, ''Crossroads'' pp. 14-22...the best constructed is  ''The Assassin's Ball'' (Graham Stevenson, Wyrd Chronicles no. 5 pp. 5-16), you have already found one,  of great merit is  ''Unmask! Unmask!'' (Matthew Farrrer Wyrd Chronicles no. 14, pp. 9-20), likewise ''Formaldehyde Nights''. 

''The Return of the Queen'' (Ripples of Fate, pp. 93-105) is also well worth reading: even if only for a single moment which causes you to pity Lucius. It is worth reading for many more reasons, though.

I have given only a very few.

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Lucius appears briefly in both "One room" from Broken promises and "Nemesis part 2" from Wyrd chronicles 33. Both of the stories are worth reading on their own merit, but not really for the Lucius parts. (And if you want to read the Nemesis story, part one is in Chronicles 30.)

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Yes, you are quite right: 'One Room' can be found on pp. 6-22 of 'Broken Promises',  the second part of ''Nemesis'' can be found on pp. 52-68 of the thirty-third issue. The first part can be found on pp. 47-56 of the thirtieth issue.

Without disrespect to Mr. Caroland, or to any of the other writers (Malifaux is unquestionably the finest fictional world in existence) I agree that they are not of the quality of the earlier Lucius pieces.

Edit: It ought to be stressed that this is a private opinion founded on taste not merit and in no way lessens my regard for any employee of Wyrd.

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