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Malifaux Trades and LE models


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Looking to offload some Malifaux models and cards. PM for pricing (listed/OBO), trades and pics. Trades are listed at bottom. All primed models are assembled. All items include cards unless otherwise stated. I am USA so I can check for international Shipping but it's usually quite expensive. Shipping in-country is usually $5 depending on how much is bought. 

Mercury - NoS ($20)
Flying Doves (Colette's Totems) - Assembled ($10 for all)
Firestarter - primed white ($5)
Howard Langston - painted and based ($15)

Death Marshal - Pro Painted ($25)

Metal Carver (alt Killjoy)- Assembled ($35)
Miss Deed - assembled ($25)
Johanna - NoS ($25) 
Metal Ronin - Primed black ($7)
2 Wokou Raiders (NoS) - ($12)

Bunraku x1 - assembled ($6)

Moon Shinobi x2 - painted and based ($5 each)

Sloth - NoS ($8)
Greed - NoS ($8)
Gluttony - painted and based ($15)

Random items:
Guilders ($4 per point)
Lamps ($15)
Crossroads Story Encounter 
Random Arcanists, TT, Outcasts cards and upgrades
Wave 5 upgrades - Arcanists and select TT


Willing to trade or buy:
Master Queeg
Mysterious Emissary
Goryo x1
Titania's Knights and Gorar

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