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Southend's Grand Scheme of Things Tournament - October 2017

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Hi guys, 
So if you haven't guessed I am starting to arrange this as a monthly tournament at Wayland games Southend On Sea.
This Will preferably be on the 1st Saturday of the month rather than the last going from here forwards (next paid tournament will be December.
The news gets better, this is the penultimate £10 tournament guys! As after the new year I will be dropping the Price to £5 which will be going directly towards the prize pool.

Venue: Wayland Games, Southend-On-Sea SS1 2NE.

Entry: £10

You must've confirmed your attendance by the 20th of October.
This is so I can order the appropriate Prize box in time.

PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/Kewldown/10

Date: October 29th 2017 Starting at 11:00 and finishes at 17:00. 
         Date Confirmed.

Player Slots: 8 Available.

3 rounds, 35SS, fixed faction. Standard GG2017 Rules.
Rounds will be 80 Minutes long with 10 minutes separate set-up time at the start and 10 minutes to calculate the points for the following round.
NOTE: Although I would like this tournament to be beginner friendly, it is a tournament, so bring out all your Malifaux Faction filth in hopes to win, no one wants to pull any punches.

Player Scoring:
Win : 2 Points
Draw: 1 Points
Loss: 0 Point

Tournament Day Plan:
Round 1:
11:00: Round 1 Organization
11:10 Round 1
12:30 Round 1 Results

12:40 Lunch

Round 2:
13:10 Round 2 Organization
13:20 Round 2
14:40 Round 2 results

Round 3:
14:50 Round 3 Organization
15:00 Round 3
16:20 Round 3 Results

16:30 Tournament Results & Prize Giving

Round 1 Schemes & Strategies:
Deployment: Standard
Strategy: HeadHunter
Scheme 1: Claim Jump
Scheme 2: Eliminate the Leadership
Scheme 3: Leave Your Mark
Scheme 4: Undercover Entourage
Scheme 5: Inspection

Round 2 Schemes & Strategies:
Deployment: Standard
Strategy: Extraction
Scheme 1: Claim Jump
Scheme 2: Leave Your Mark
Scheme 3: Frame for Murder
Scheme 4: Hidden Trap
Scheme 5: Set Up

Round 3 Schemes & Strategies:
Deployment: Close
Strategy: Guard The Stash
Scheme 1: Claim Jump
Scheme 2: Accusation
Scheme 3: Frame for Murder
Scheme 4: Recover Evidence
Scheme 5: Inspection

Prize Pool:
1st Place: 1x 5 Guilders, 1 Small Mystery Box, 1st Place Certificate
2nd Place: 1x 3 Guilder, 2nd Place Certificate
3rd Place: 1x 1 Guilder, 3rd Place Certificate
4th Place: 1x 1 Guilder
5th Place: 1x 1 Guilder
6th Place: 1x 1 Guilder
7th Place: 1x 1 Guilder
Best Painted Crew: 1 Small Mystery Box


  1. Cniddy - PAID
  2. GMfaux - PAYMENT DUE
  3. Manxs - PAYMENT DUE
  4. Vicki_Angel - PAID
  5. Michael Hume - PAYMENT DUE
  6. Ngeangelrei - PAYMENT DUE

My Contact Info

Name: Soner (Sonair) Hasan
Contact No: 07568 612047
Contact hours Weekdays: 7am-8am, 12pm-2pm, 5pm-11pm
Contact hours Weekends: 8am-10pm

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