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Recently I have realised that both kaeris and cryd control fire this discovery made me come up with a alternate backstory, here it is.

what if at one point kaeris and cryd were sisters, however when they entered the breach, they felt a surge of magical energy flow through them (like Hoffman an Ryle in breachside broadcast) Sonnia was left incapacitated whereas anasalea was left physically unscathed. Worried for her sister, anasalea took her too a surgeon who she hoped could help. This doctor was victor ramos the arcanist master. He commenced an operation to save sonnia. In the end Ramos had succeeded but sonnia's face had to be protected by an iron mask (the on sonnia still wears to this day). When sonnia regained consciousness, she was disgusted by what anasalea had let Ramos do to her. She quickly fled the scene.

ramos then took anasalea as an apprentice to show anasalea her potential and help develop her mechanical wings.

from that day on sonnia had a sworn hatred for the arcanists and joins the witch hunters in order to track them down. She even went as far as to change her name to sonnia cryd. This explains whey both an arcanist and a member of the guild both have the same magical abilities and how sonnia got her mask.

note this is not what really happened and is just a reimagining.

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How Sonnia got the mask is in the stories, Ramos had nothing to do with it. It is there to contain the tyrant Cherufe who is trying to take over Sonnia's body and mind. Kaeris uses fire magic but does not have anything to do with Cherufe as far as I know. If the mask comes off anyone within a hundred meters dies a fiery death.

I don't think Kaeris' origin story mentions any known siblings? Technically they could have been separated very early in their lives but they crossed the breach separately.


Links to her stories 


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You're welcome. Didn't realise you meant it like that, would be a reasonable explanation for her hunting arcanists with such fervour. 

Cyborg Sonnia would be pretty boss, give her armour +2 and (2) Claw ml 6 :melee2"  4/5/6 Target gains slow :D  

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