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comments on Datsue bat Shifting loyalties


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I'm about to do a shifting loyalties campaign (the first campaign I've ever done) and I was looking to take Datsue Ba (leading into Kirai as I'm most familiar with her). I was looking for some comments/ critiques of my starting arsenal (and what you think should be my next add/ what should I change)? 

Datsue Ba - Spirit whispers (9ss)

2 x Goryo - (14 ss)

2 x Onryo - (10 ss)

with 2ss left 

I'm not super convinced on the 2 onryo, but i'm looking to spread as much adversary as possible, and I'm not sure if i should replace them with a higher costed model now or later). Later I'd like to add Izamu, a shikome and the grave spirit (plus kirai). 

Any helpful critique would be great. 



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I would look towards my first couple of weeks purchasing. Onryu are things that you acne certainly buy 1 of each week, even if you fail to get any spare script.

When I play shifting lotyalties I find some weeks I don't earn much script, but others I do, depending on the events, so I like to have a "free" purchase each week in mind that I can rely on even if I did rubbish in the game that week. If I do well enough I might not buy it and get something that costs more. 



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