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6 Week Campaign League - Rochester, NY


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As summer winds down we will be starting up a 6 week Campaign league.
The rules can be found in the M2E Shifting Loyalties book, I will have scans of the applicable pages as well.

Starting out you will need a 35ss Henchman led crew, note that you need to pay the ss cost of your Henchman.
**For this league we will not be doing injuries**
**We will be playing with Hideouts, but they will differ from the options presented in the book. **

The campaign will be run at Just Games on Thursdays primarily, but you can play other days if you set something up with an opponent.
The first day of the Campaign will be Thursday 9/7.

Prizes will include: 
1) Best painted during the course of the campaign, will be a group of models not just one.
2) Best hideout.
4) Something Fun.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Just Games
1601 Penfield Rd
 Rochester, NY 14625

Entry Fee: $20
League Ends 10/19/17

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