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The brewmaster


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Gremlins have only two theme models for him that don't come in his Starter so that's easily sorted. Whiskey Golem is OK and Akaname are a bit weird but can be used to pop out Corpses for Taxidermists which isn't bad.

That said, his theme force isn't most likely the best way to play him. To generally get the most out of him, just load up on powerful models to take advantage of Swill. So all the usual stuff of Francois, Burt, the aforementioned Taxidermists, etc.

The only models with a specific synergy that I really like with him are Trixiebelle (to cheat Initiative and deal out Poison, mostly) and The Sow. Her main problem is her low Ml stat but it doesn't matter when the enemy has negative flips. And she has Smell Fear which works nicely with Brewy. And the Piglets that spawn after her death also have low Ml which is helped by Brewy.

Oh, and, though I haven't had a chance to test it, I suppose that Lucky Effigy might be sorta fine in that his Ml is awful but his damage track is crazy and his Challenge can be fun as well. Probably not as good as another Bayou Gremlin and an SS, mind. And Anna Lovelace seems custom made for Brewy but I have yet to put her on the table.


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Brewmaster, to me, is a lot like Zipp and Wong in that he doesn't necessarily buff his crew and plays independently.  You are going to be throwing out Hangovers and popping Drinking contest.  

Wesley is an auto include, because a possible revival of Brewmaster is awesome, especially for 3SS.

Trixibelle will help get you initiative for Drinking Contest.  She also can hand out a lot of poison with her (0) Buy you a drink action.  Her Gremlin Lure can help keep models that ignore Wp duels away from Brewmaster as well as giving them slow.  Her ability to go reckless is all gravy.

Since the previous 3 models can hand out poison, a Performer, with her pseudo expunge, is fantastic if you actually want to kill something poisoned.  Her ability to target scheme markers and drain the opponents hand with Wp duels has always been worth the 6SS cost.  One model has been fine, two performers never have enough to do in my lists.


After that, it is all about the Strat/Scheme pool for me.  Burt is a standard in my lists since he is highly versatile.  I will take Lenny, w/ upgrade, most of the time. A slop hauler and Merris also get invited to the party.


At that point, my list is at 45SS, so I'll add in a slop hauler or a bayou to bring my model count up to 9.




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