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Hey all! Recently started the game, and I possess the following already:

Children of December box

Troubleshooters box

Smoke and Mirrors box

Claw and Fang box

Rail Crew box

December Acolytes

I'm looking to purchase essentially any and all other Arcanist miniatures, preferably assembled/painted but honestly I'll take whatever!

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Hey there! I have quite a few Arcanist models I'm looking to sell.  I have a list here but if there is something you want that isn't listed, I might have it but can't guarantee anything.  Anyways, here is the list.  Feel free to PM me if you're interested and we can work out prices and shipping. I can provide pics up in request as well. 

Ramos - primed black with card
Brass Arachnid (Ramos totem) - primed with card 
Howard Langston - high quality painted with NO card
Steam Arachnid Swarm - assembled with card
Steam Arachnid x3 - primed with cards 
Ironsides - primed white with card 
Mouse (Ironsides totem) - primed white with NO card
The Captain - high quality painted with card
Oxfordian Mage - primed white with card
Performers x2 - primed white with cards
Mannequin - primed white with card
Firestarter - primed with card
Firestarter - high quality painted with card
Willie - painted with card 
Rail worker x2 - primed black with ONE card

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