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  1. rovingthief

    Neverborn and Outcast crews plus misc models

  2. rovingthief

    Neverborn and Outcast crews plus misc models

    Updated and cleaned up with better pictures!
  3. rovingthief

    Neverborn and Outcast crews plus misc models

    I'm in St. Louis, Missouri
  4. rovingthief

    Neverborn and Outcast crews plus misc models

    Also willing to trade for Guild, preferably based/painted. Willing to negotiate.
  5. Images here: https://imgur.com/a/2H6iTXj The following are in the images: Von Schill crew minus trapper, plus Strongarm Suit and Lazarus. Suit and Laz a little broke, painted/based Ashes and Dust, with Ashen Core and Dust Storm being a bit broke, painted/based Two Rotten Belles, painted/based Partially Assembled Purple Translucent Jakob Lynch crew NiB Wicked Dolls NiB Titania Crew - SOLD NoS Collodi crew - SOLD 3 Death Marshalls, painted/based University of Transmortis plus book, painted/based Would like Paypal or Guild/Ten Thunders Asami crew and supporting models.
  6. rovingthief

    [W]: Various Outcast models [H] Paypal

    Joe, How much for the Hannah, Lazarus, and Big Jake models? I don't have any of the ones you'd wish to trade for unfortunately, but I do have Paypal!
  7. rovingthief

    [W]: Various Outcast models [H] Paypal

    Based in St. Louis, Missouri in the US, but I don't think it'd be cost effective to ship for that one model unfortunately.
  8. Hi all! Fleshing out my Outcasts, and looking for the following, preferably assembled/painted but willing to take otherwise so long as the up to date cards are included: -Woukou Raiders -Aionus -Johan -Desperate Mercenaries -Vanessa -Big Jake -Sue -Lazarus -Hans -Hannah -Dead Outlaws -Ama No Zako
  9. Was a dedicated Arcanist player before, but discovered a local player was getting rid of his entire Outcast stock, so I am currently in possession of EVERY Outcast model. I've been doing some research on masters such as Leveticus and Jack Daw that play really well with some non Outcast models with certain keywords, but was just wondering if there were any general 'must haves' for certain masters that fall outside of the Outcast faction?
  10. rovingthief

    [H] PayPal [W] Arcanists

    Hey all! Recently started the game, and I possess the following already: Children of December box Troubleshooters box Smoke and Mirrors box Claw and Fang box Rail Crew box December Acolytes I'm looking to purchase essentially any and all other Arcanist miniatures, preferably assembled/painted but honestly I'll take whatever!
  11. Just wondering how many there are, and who plays what. Definitely going to get into the game, but don't want to play any overrepresented faction.
  12. As the title says, thinking of taking the game up. I currently only play Guildball, with Union and Alchemists as my teams (although I'm thinking of getting rid of Alchemists) I've been reading through everything, and am stuck between those two factions and was looking for some help/advice, as I know I should stick with one before I find myself with all of them. For Arcanists, I like the look of Rasputina and Marcus, as I'm kind of a whore for ice and druid themed things, with maybe Colette or Kaeris later. For Neverborn, I'd love to grab Titania and Zoraida, as Fae and Voodoo stuff are high on my interest levels, with possibly the Dreamer or Lilith later. What are the pros/cons of those factions/masters, and of the masters I've listed, what are good crews for each master? Also, I would prefer masters that have decent model sharing between them.