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Next master/purchase?


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Hello! Im relatively new to Malifaux. Im struggling to get more games in. But I already want to buy more figures to play with. 

What I have is:

Dark debts box(Jacob Lynch)

Katanaka Snipers, TT Bros, Beckoners, Samurai, Emissary, Lone Swordsman and Yin the Penangalan.

I like Lynch but I feel like I want a master to compliment him with to not make my list easily countered when they know what master I play. So what are your suggestions?

Also if you know any players near Västerås in Sweden that are looking for a new opponent let me know!


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The Masters I would consider for your next purchase would be Shenlong or McCabe. 

Shenlong can play quite the support and likes many of the models you already have.  He can make the snipers pretty mean, give slower models a bit of a boost, and can even play disruption against the enemy.  Sensei Yu can also be an odd support to a Jacob Lynch with Rising Son as he can get the Hungering Darkness into position to jump down something's throat quickly or help Lynch move around and possible give fast so he can get the HD back out.  He can also be a bit more durable then Lynch, more so if you have the Misdirection upgrade on him.

McCabe supports as well but rather than having Auras and he throws around upgrades and gives pushes while doing that.  Unless you are planning to get some Guild Hounds to compliment him I would consider getting the Wonder Weasel as it is called, the Kamaitachi, as an alternate totem option *though a reactivating Luna can cover ground like FAST*.  The two upgrades that are big that he tends to throw around are Badge of Speed and his Glowing Saber.  Badge of Speed has a spell on it that he can give Reactivation to a minion but if it is on a non-master it gives the model nimble.  Nice for slow models or those that need to get somewhere.  Glowing Saber gives McCabe some extra triggers but gives a non-master model that has it a nifty Ml attack.  He also has an upgrade that is called Elixir of Life that is not bad with Samurai due to giving Regeneration +2.  But he can also take an upgrade called Promises that gives a nifty bonus to models that have upgrades within a certain range *Samurai can like this*.

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Ok thanks for the reply! Starting with Shenlong. Which model was it that you suggested putting the misdirection upgrade on? Sensei Yu seems like he could be a good addition to a lot of lists. Fills a similar role as the Emissary which I really appreciate. Shame the burning monks dont seem so hot.

All possible scenarios where I could field the katanaka snipers are to be encouraged. Because  the crouching sniper is cool based on its look, also the first time I used him he killed some sort of gremlin with his first shot turn 1. My opponent got disheartened after that?


With McCabe I would buy some doggies to run around and attach my glowing sabre to. I have also read the Dawn Serpent could do well here. Also the wastrels can go well with Lynch. But in this package I dont like Sidir. 

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53 minutes ago, Houcken said:

Ok thanks for the reply! Starting with Shenlong. Which model was it that you suggested putting the misdirection upgrade on?

It has to go onto your leader, so Shenlong only. But it's particularly nice with him because if an enemy attacks you and you can't avoid it, you can just drop in any mask to shunt the damage onto a Peasant and if they die, then hey free soulstone.


Doggies with McCabe is a great idea too, although I'm not as much of a fan of giving them the sabre, I prefer to keep it on McCabe and toss it around situationally, while the pups normally are off scheme running.

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