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List of Upgrades


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Hello fellow necrotic masters, 

I'm looking to get new cards from wargamer vault with the latest errata. I've been trying to find a list of the new upgrades since wave 3 and haven't found one. Could someone please list out all the faction specific and 0 cost upgrades from the newest book, as well as the number of cards I should get. 


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Reva & Vincent:

  • Guises of Death
  • Beyond Death
  • Blood Mark
  • Litany of the Fallen
  • Deal with Death

Soulbound (I assume these are also in Reva's box, but can also be used by Draugr), the first two are not rare so you could have several, the last is rare 2.

  • My Fight Is Not Finished
  • The Gift of Death
  • Another Purpose


  • Corpse Armor
  • Hulking Leap
  • Doc Found a Squid Today


  • Wronged Spirits, rare 1, 0 cost, boosts nearby Onryo
  • Haunting Cries, 0 cost, Philip & the Nanny
  • Admiration, rare 2
  • My Little Helper, rare 2
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