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Grand Guignol 2017 Campaign League-Durham, NC (Triangle)


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For the Triangle Area (Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, etc) I will be organizing the Campaign for Grand Guignol. This is going to be pretty exciting with some nice prize support!  Please sign up via the Facebook group, as Josh is tracking players via a spreadsheet. If you do not have Facebook, please feel free to message one of us via any other means of social media (see bottom of post for mine).

Here are the rules for the league:
We will be following the rules for Malifaux Campaigns laid out in Shifting Loyalties, and all page # reference that book, with a few modifications.
1. This League will cover eight weeks, and players will be limited to a max of 10 games over the course of the league.(pg. 5)
2. All crews will start 35 soulstones. (pg. 5)
3. Instead of tying the availability of masters and Avatars to a particular week, Masters will be become available for purchase after a players 3rd game, (pg. 6)and Avatars after their 5th (pg 30).
4. This will be a competitive campaign, with the score at the end used to determine the winner for each local group, and placement at the April Event. (pg. 34)
5. The league will use the Cut 'em up for parts, The Wandering Relic, and the Good Doctor optional rules. (pg. 33). The Wandering Relic will be distributed by the organizers, and each crew can only make a Trip to the Doc's twice in the campaign.
6. Each game week will have a special story scenario which will be selected from the Wyrd Chronicles, the base rule book, or pulled kicking and screaming from the depths of the organizers fetid imaginations. Each player can play each Story Scenario up to twice in the game week for which it is active, and will be rewarded with 2 scrip for playing the story scenario.
7. Game results must be reported to your local organizer in order to count. Players may post battle reports in this group, and the better the report, the greater the chance of attracting the attentions of Those Who Thirst, or earning extra script.
8. Prizes will be provided for local leagues, and the April event will have additional prizes including a custom set of tokens for their crew, a propainted crew box, and trophies.

To sign up, please checkout our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1871097006457569/ . We are looking for both players and local organizers.

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