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Maliphoenix The Brewmaster vs. The Dreamer 50 soulstone


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This is a 50 point game played in the MaliPhoenix group at Games U. Our group has been meeting up on Tuesday's so if you live in the area and want to come on down and play some Malifaux we would be happy to have you.

Gremlins vs. Neverborn

Deployment: Flank

Strategy: Turf War

Schemes: A Line in The Sand, Breakthrough, Bodyguard, Plant Evidence, and Power Ritual.

Gremlin List: The Brewmaster with Stilts and Binge, Apprentice Wesley, Old Major with Saddle, Trixiebelle, The Sow, and 3 Rooster Riders. Soulstone Cache of 4

The main reason that I constructed my list the way that I did was because I had just finished painting The Sow and the Rooster Riders and wanted to try them all out. 

I chose Brewmaster because of Turf War getting the enemy crew clumped up in one spot, which makes the Brewmaster shine.

Old Major with Saddle was to enhance the movement of the Brewmaster. In general I have not fielded the Brewmaster without either Gracie or Old Major with Saddle to help the Brewmaster get to where he is needed.

Trixiebelle was for her Scheme manipulation and the ability to cheat initiative.

Neverborn List: The Dreamer with Dreams of Pain and On Wings of Darkness, 3 Daydreams, Widow Weaver with Hand Bag, 5 Wicked Dolls, and Baby Kade with Depression. Soulstone Cache of 3.

Gremlins reveal both Schemes, Plant Evidence and Power Ritual.

Neverborn reveal both Schemes, Breakthrough and Plant Evidence.

Neverborn won the deployment flip and forced the Gremlins to deploy first and choose a Flank. I chose the upper right Flank.


Gremlin deployment, left to right: Rooster Rider, Trixiebelle, Apprentice Wesley, Rooster Rider back behind the forest, Old Major, Brewmaster right behind him, The Sow, and a Rooster Rider.


Neverborn deployment, left to right: 2 Daydreams, The Dreamer, Daydream, 5 Wicked Dolls, Widow Weaver and Baby Kade.


Neverborn win initiative and choose to go first.

A Daydream activates and uses Lead Nightmare on The Dreamer to push him 4" through the wall due to Incorporeal. Then it does Lucid Nightmare sacrificing itself and giving The Dreamer plus Masks to Cast actions. 

The Dreamer then chain activates due to Accomplice on the Daydream. He attempts to summon 3 times succeeding twice, bringing out an Insidious Madness and Coppelius. The Dreamer then did his 0 action Tucked In to reduce his Waking condition from 2 to 1.

I do have a question regarding the Waking condition that came up later in the game which we are not completely sure of. Would the Dreamer gain the Waking condition even if he fails the action Manifest Nightmares? We decided to play it as he does gain the Waking +1 regardless of success or failure when it was brought up later in the game.


Rooster Rider with the red hat dropped a scheme marker for Power Ritual and walked forward.


Wicked Doll did his 0 action All Sewed Up on Coppelius, healing him for 1 but taking 1 damage on the Wicked Doll. It then double walked forward.


Rooster Rider went Reckless, double walked and dropped a scheme marker for Power Ritual.


Wicked Doll healed Coppelius with his 0 and then double walked.


Old Major did Nudge 'em On on The Sow, discarding a low Ram just to push her up to be in charge range. She has no Ram trigger so the added suit will not matter. Old Major then walked saddling Brewmaster and finally did his 0 action to push Trixiebelle and Wesley into base contact.


Daydream activated and walked forward. Then it used Lead Nightmare on the Widow Weaver to push her 4"

Coppelius then activated due to Accomplice on the Daydream and walked forward.


Apprentice Wesley activated and walked then targeted The Sow with Binge, discarding a low mask card to have her walk forward to be in charge range of the Widow Weaver.


Daydream activated and walked forward then pushed the Widow Weaver with Lead Nightmare. 

Wicked Doll then activated due to Accomplice and walked forward and healed Coppelius for 1 with his 0 action then walked again.


Brewmaster activated and used all 3 AP as Swill actions against the Widow Weaver only succeeding on the third try. He then used his 0 action One for the Road, pushing 6" towards her and giving her Poison +2.



Wicked Doll activated and healed the Insidious Madness with his 0 action, then he double walked forward.

Widow Weaver then activated due to Accomplice and used her 0 action Create Web to drop a Web Marker in base to base with the Brewmaster. She then attempted to do Exhale terror twice on the Sow but failed both times due to Swill.

The Sow charged the Widow Weaver, succeeding on the Horror duel by cheating. Both attacks hit doing weak damage both time for 6 total damage.

Wicked Doll activated and walked forward then dropped a scheme marker.

Baby Kade activated due to Accomplice. He walked forward and attempted to Lure Apprentice Wesley but failed.


Rooster Rider with the yellow hat walked and then charged the Wicked Doll, but got Black Joker on the damage flip of the second attack and only doing 2 points of damage due to weak on the first attack.


Insidious Madness walked forward.


Trixiebelle dropped a scheme marker and used her 0 action Presents? For me? to pick up the scheme marker, then she walked forward.

End of turn 1, no points scored.


Top of turn 2.

Gremlins won initiative. 

Brewmaster activated and did his 0 action Drinking Contest. He then took a walk action to get Coppelius and 3 of the Wicked Dolls inside of the aura. He finally did Swill to both the Widow Weaver and Coppelius.



Daydream activated and did Lead Nightmare on the Dreamer and Insidious Madness. 

The Dreamer activated due to Accomplice and summoned in Lelu, Lilitu, and an Alp, hitting Wakening 4 and summoning Lord Chompy Bits.



Lord Chompy Bits, Lilitu, and Lelu final position.


Alp final placement by the Rooster Rider and Insidious Madness.


The Sow activated and attacked Lelu missing with the first attack due to the red joker on defense, but hitting with the second, killing Lelu and a Wicked Doll due to Black Blood.


Wicked Doll activated and used its 0 action to heal Lilitu and attacked the Brewmaster twice with Over The Needle giving him Poison +2. He succeeded on all 3 Drinking Contest flips.

Wicked Doll engaged with the Rooster Rider then activated due to Accomplice and healed Lilitu and attacked the Rooster Rider twice, hitting once for weak damage of 1 and Poison +2.


Rooster Rider activated and took 1 damage from the Poison condition due to the Wicked Dolls Wicked Intentions ability and then passed the Willpower test for the Smother ability from the Alp. He then attacked and killed the Alp and then attacked and killed the Wicked Doll getting the Ram trigger to charge, at the expense of 1 damage, another Wicked Doll killing it as well.


Daydream activated and walked towards the Widow Weaver and pushed her 4" with Lead Nightmare. Then the Widow Weaver activated due to Accomplice and placed a Web marker with her 0 action. She then walked and used Seize Prey on Wesley who flipped the Black Joker on defense, so he gained poison +5 and Paralyze and discarded both Web Markers; though we did forget the portion where she should have placed into base contact with Wesley.

Trixiebelle went Reckless and did Gremlin Lure successfully on one Rooster Rider but failed to hit the target number with the other. She then did her 0 action to pick up the scheme marker and then she walked dropping the Scheme marker to count for Plant Evidence.


Wicked Doll heals Lilitu with his 0 action then attacks Brewmaster twice, hitting once and missing once.

Lilitu then activates, from Accomplice, and fails to lure Old Major.


Rooster Rider went Reckless and double walked to get a charge lane on Lilitu. On the charge his first attack hit and did Red Joker damage, killing Lilitu.


Baby Kade charged Wesley hitting twice, but only doing 2 points of damage total due to weak damage. 

Old Major walked into melee with the Widow Weaver, but failed the Terrifying test and lost the rest of his activation.


Lord Chompy Bits attacked the Rooster Rider with Ten-Inch Claws and did moderate damage of 4 as well as getting the Onslaught trigger to attack again, which hit and killed the Rooster Rider. He then walked and unburied the Dreamer with his 0 action Sleep, My Child.


Rooster Rider walked and then charged the Wicked Doll, hitting it with both attacks and killing it.


At this point The Dreamer activated and walked and dropped a scheme marker. 

This was a mistake, seeing as the Dreamer had already activated earlier in the turn. My opponent is still new to The Dreamer and thought that the Dreamer being unburied was the equivalent of being summoned. I have no excuses for myself why I didn't catch it, but I didn't, overall though I don't think it was a game changing mistake. 

End of turn 2 both crews score 1 point for Turf War.


Top of turn 3.

Gremlins win initiative.

Brewmaster activated and put up Drinking Contest, then did Swill on Baby Kade, Coppelius, and the Widow Weaver, but drew the Black Joker on the Terrifying test against the Widow Weaver.


Daydream activated and walked then pushed the Widow Weaver with Lead Nightmare.

Widow Weaver then Accomplice activated and walked, and then summoned a Wicked Doll.


Rooster Rider went Reckless and went into Rampage mode due to only 2 health left. 

I made a big mistake here and thought that the Rooster Rider while Rampaging doesn't care about engagement and just keeps charging the closest model, whish is incorrect, I should have been ping ponging between Coppelius and the Widow Weaver, instead of charging at the Widow Weaver the entire time.

The first charge against the Widow Weaver, both attacks missed, on the second charge both attacks missed again, on the third charge 1 attack hit getting the Stampede trigger to charge into Coppelius and take 1 damage. The first attack hit and did Red Joker damage of 8 killing him.

Wicked Doll activated and healed Widow Weaver for 1, but failed to do his other 2 action due to drinking contest.

Wicked Doll then activated due to Accomplice but failed all of the Drinking Contest flips.


Rooster Rider dropped a scheme marker and then walked.


The Dreamer summoned Coppelius but failed to summon in 2 Daydreams.

Old Major activated and walked into engagement with Coppelius and attacked and killed him.


Baby Kade attacked and killed Apprentice Wesley. He then attacked Trixiebelle but missed due to Swill.

The Sow charged Baby Kade and hit with the second attack doing weak damage of 3.


Trixiebelle double walked, successfully leaving melee with Baby Kade due to Swill.

End of turn 3 we both score one point for Turf War.


Top of turn 4.

Neverborn win initiative.

Wicked Doll healed the Widow Weaver. It then walked up to Brewmaster and attacked but missed.

Widow Weaver then activated and attempted to summon a Teddy but failed.

Rooster Rider, being played incorrectly, charged the Widow Weaver and killed her on that charge. He then charged the Wicked Doll and killed it as well.


The Dreamer activated and dropped a scheme marker. Then he summoned a Daydream and hit Waking 4 and summoned Lord Chompy Bits.


Lord Chompy Bits and Daydream final position.


Brewmaster put Swill on Baby Kade and then attempted to walk away twice, but failed both times. He then did his 0 action One For The Road to give Baby Kade Poison 2 and push towards him.



Daydream walked.

Lord Chompy Bits activated due to Accomplice and attacked and killed Trixiebelle due to the Disembowel trigger on his Six-Inch Teeth. He then brought the Dreamer out with his 0 action.


Old Major charged the Dreamer hitting both times with weak damage, for a total of 4 damage after Incorporeal.


Insidious Madness double walked into the Brewmaster.

Rooster Rider walked and then charged the Wicked Doll killing him.


Baby Kade attempted to Lure Old Major twice but failed both times due to Swill.

The Sow then attacked Baby Kade and killed him on the first attack. The Sow then attacked the Insidious Madness and killed him with severe damage of 3 after Incorporeal reduction.

End of turn 4, Gremlins score 1 point for Turf War.


Top of turn 5.

Gremlins win initiative.

Old Major attacks The Dreamer twice, first attack is pushed off to the Daydream killing it, and the second attack kills the Dreamer.

Rampaging Rooster Rider goes and takes a point of damage for Reckless killing it.

Rooster rider goes Reckless and double walks to get rid of an enemy scheme marker.

The Sow double walks.

Brewmaster successfully Obeys the Sow 3 time to double walk and pick up an enemy scheme marker.

End of turn 5 and end of the game.

Neverborn score 1 point for Plant Evidence.

Gremlins score 3 points for Plant Evidence and 3 points for Power Ritual.

Gremlins 9 to Neverborn 3.

Overall I am glad that I tried Brewmaster as primarily a debuffer for a killing crew. I had seen it suggested on the Wyrd forums and decided this would be a good time to try it out since I just finished the Rooster Riders and the Sow.

I loved the Sow, I was much more impressed with it then I was expecting to be, though a big part of that may be because of her targets already had Swill on them making the very easy targets.

The Rooster Riders I will have to retry and play correctly to truly evaluate them, but just the scheme running potential alone I feel makes them a very worthwhile consideration for any crew.

For some reason this was the first game in a long time that I felt Trixiebelle was fairly worthless. With the Brewmaster I really want to keep everyone in his bubble so her pushing models away or pulling friendly Gremlins just didn't seem like a viable choice. Next time I will make sure to have her with her gun so she can change to damage dealer if need be.

Old Major with Saddle was pretty pointless due to Flank deployment, but I'm still happy with how he performed, especially with that opening push on the Sow.

Over all it was a great game that was a lot of fun.

Like always I look forward to any critiques, advice, or criticisms people have.

Also I would like if people would be willing to post up pictures of how you have terrain set up when you play Malifaux, I feel like my boards when I situate have become quite formulaic and I would like to try to duplicate other players boards and see how dramatic of a shift in gameplay it makes.

Thanks for reading my Battle Report and I hope you enjoy it.


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