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They fallowed me home now what?


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McTavish- henchman, works well with gators 

Zorida has a few tricks for gators as well since they are swampfiends

i would get some piglets to go with the Sow as she can summon them. 

Roosters can fit with anyone

Burt also holds his own with anyone, although I like to give Gracie the saddle so he can ride her around. 

Wong is a little tricky. You can either buy the Wong box and have a spare Wong or get some lightning bugs, old cranky (far superior totem than lovely assistant), and live your life as best you can without mancha Rojas. 

Mancha is very fun as I'm sure you can imagine a giant gremlin luchador to be. But as far as henchman in starter boxes he is probably the lowest on the "must have" list. 

Ophelia's starter box is very good. 

Gremlins are a hard faction to not but everything. It all works very well together. 


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