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Winter Solstice Tournament - Amazing Discoveries Tucson, AZ - Dec 20 2016

Spyder Revenant

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Winter Solstice Tournament

December 20th 


Amazing Discoveries

Tucson AZ


     30ss Tournament with 1 hour rounds will be starting at 6pm.  Encounters and Schemes will be Gaining Ground.  Schemes will be determined on the day. 

Entry Fee: $3.00

Round 1 - Collect The Bounty, Standard Deployment

Round 2 - Interference, Flank Deployment

Round 3 - Stake A Claim, Corner Deployment


Special terrain for winter theme of tournament is variation of Bog,

The Blizzard

At the start of each Turn, First player flips a card which may not be cheated. On a 1 or 2 apply the following effect until the end of the Turn: “Snow Flurry: All Ca and Sh Actions receive [-].” On a 12 or 13 apply the following effect until the end of the Turn: “Slick Ice: Models may not charge.”

There will be placing prizes as well as a few side prizes including 



Highest non-placing points.

And some random give-aways.


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