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Christmas Project - Own Model


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Hello Malifauxers! :)


My sister and I decided to make an own Character (with own rules, Fluff, model,...) that can be used in our games and also counts as alternative existing model.

This will be our Christmas presents for each other.


As she is a TT Player (mostly Misaki, Yan Lo and now Asami) I thought I post it here, so maybe I get some ideas and tips for it :)


My idea was kind of a Scheme Runner Hunter

A terrifying being living in the swamps.

With filthy claws and a disturbing and at the same time alluring light with which it can lure its victims.

In Addition it will count as Mei Feng as she is the only TT Master she doesn’t own yet.


So I picked up Datsue Ba and put her on stilts and used her lamp as kind of deep-sea-fish-luring-thing.

(I will post a very early WIP as soon as I figured out why I can only upload 10kB ;) )


So at the moment I’m thinking about the rules for her.

And a cool name :)


This is with what I came up so far:

[Insert cool and fancy name here]

SS: 8 (??)

Enforcer, Living, Rare1

Swampfiend, (??)


DF: 5, WP:6, WD: 6, Wk:5, Cg: 7, Ht:2


Front Side:

Unimpeded: This model ignores penalties for severe terrain when moving.

Perfect Camouflage: Attacks generated by the Charge Action and Sh Actions receive :-fate while targeting this model if this model has not yet Activated this Turn.

Hard to Wound +1: Damage flips against this Model suffer :-fate


Back Side:



(1) Filthy Claws (MI 6 :crow / Rst: Df / Rg: :melee1): Target suffers 2/3/4 damage

:crowInfect: After succeeding, target gains the Poison +1Condition a number of times equal to the number of :crowin the final dual total.

:ramCritical Strike: When damaging the target, this Attack deals +1 damage for each :ramin the final dual total.



(1) Lure to the light (Ca:7 :crow :mask/ TN:12 :crow :mask/ Rst: Wp/ Rg:12): Move target model its Wk. The target must end the move as close to this model as possible.

:crowClose enough: if this model ends its move within this model engagement range, immediately take a 1 AP Attack Action against the target without spending AP.


(1) Opportunist (Ca: 6 /TN:12 / Rg: 3): Discard corpse or enemy scheme marker within 3”.

:maskMmmmmhhh…good one!: After succeeding and discarding the marker heal 1/1/2 damage.


So any suggestions for this so far?


Thanks for your help! :)



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I'm always hesitant to comment on fanstuff, just because Wyrd isn't really consistent with what's worth how much on their own.  That said, I can comment on the mechanics: Close Enough talks about this model being within this model's engagement range, which either guarantees the trigger or needs a rewrite.  Also, how is this thematic to ten thunders?  This is the Enforcer level of the Spawn Mother's line, as you've written it.  I understand the other circumstances making it ten thunders, but you may want to tie it in a little closer.  Especially if it's supposed to be Mei Feng thematic, since literally nothing about it is related to railways or the proletariat or armour, which are Mei's three things.

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I concur with Valgaav.  I am confused with the intended identity, and where you are looking to start or end?

I mean, conceptually, this screams Neverborn (Swampfiend, plus the luring and wicked claws).  I can't speak on the model itself.

I guess what I'm asking is, you didn't exactly declare the faction of the unique model you're hoping to design, so what is it?  You did clearly state it shall be usable as Mei Feng, which would be 10T, but is the "new model" intended to be 10T as well, or something more Neverborn like it appears?  If it's suppose to be 10T, I feel it is perhaps, a bit off of the "color wheel".

As for the abilities, I'd love to comment after I have a more solid image of where you're going :P

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Ok..so maybe my obening post was a bit confusing

I will try again :D


As my Sister plays Ten Thunder I wanna do a model for this faction.

Thematically I wanna lean on the Water Demon Kappa from the japanese mythology. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kappa_(folklore)


I just thougt the swamp would better fit for Malifaux.

But maybe the ONI Theme would be better...


As this model should also be able to be used as an alternative model for an existing one (e.g. when playing tournaments or official games),

I thought of Mei Feng (a weird one) because thats the only Master she doesn't own yet.

But that doesn't mean it has to be related to her Crew cause as I said she is mostly playing Misaki,Yan Lo & Asami.

I hope this makes it a bit clearer now... :)


I picked up Datsue Ba because I thought she would make a formidable Water/Swamp Demon and I really like the Model ;)

The idea with the luring light just came up when I saw her lantern (but I can cancel it)

and the filthy claws because...yeah... it's a Demon living in muddy water :P

And also because she needs some Claws for her use as Mei Feng.




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Well, I certainly can't tell you what to do, but I certainly wouldn't give a Kappa a weird angler-fish lure :P.  And yeah, I would normally assume anything that is drawn from a traditional Japanese folklore would jump to Oni subtype in my head, although that doesn't mean it can't be a Swampfiend as well, just not.. first and foremost in my mind.  That said, now that we've been given Asami, the Oni subtype does carry more weight (If the model is a minion anyways), since she can summon it.  Although currently you're resting on an Enforcer.


As far as the Abilities, I assume the front side ones are written as per other instances of them, so they should be correct.  The last Ability you have that eats counters, it's currently written a little funny.  Since it isn't using the word "Target" in it's main text, it doesn't require a target to use, along with the trigger, this makes it seem like it might be able to simply use that Ability as a heal.  The trigger is not stated conditionally on the discard happening (i.e. "If the marker is discarded...") so I dunno if that is suppose to happen exactly like that?

The "Close enough" trigger on the lure is also lacking the "Target" phrasing which, I believe, is what Val was referencing in the confusion for that trigger.  Two things to point out though 1) that Lure Action in general is an Attack, the difference between Attacks and Tactical Actions is if the Action references a target (Or rather, if the Action can be resisted, by Df or Wp typically); 2) the trigger seems like it's just a reduced power Pounce, which isn't a straight knock on it, but I do wonder if the trigger isn't more or less adding additional "moves" to the game that are almost identical?  Like, using Pounce would be almost the same effect, but it wouldn't require a :crow (Which is built in anyways unless Hannah is too close) and could be used if other models were pushing the target around.  All I'm really saying is, when possible making use of existing concepts, especially when so similar, just makes things easier for everyone.

Infect and Critical on the same model also seem kind of odd to me, if only because they are almost directly competing for use.  If you have the choice of which to use (i.e. you hit with a :ram card, since the :crow is again built in) then their effect is effectively [+1 damage], just one has a slight delay.  Granted sometimes applying the poison and allowing synergy is a good thing, and sometimes if you aren't dealing with too much Armor or a model you can simply finish off, then the Crit is better immediately.  But together, while they provide options, isn't exactly something that explains the flavor of the model to me, especially if you want it not focused on being a brawler.  It's attack is already decent as is, granted it is currently floating around 8-ss, but expanding on that aspect seems to.. "steal" room from if you wanted it to be more focused on a "Scheme runner" style model.

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