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Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Perdita


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Will give it a go! I am very happy that you guys decided to cover her. Somehow there is very little M2E information to be found about Perdita, with PullMyFinger being the only exception and to some extend the forums offcourse.

Great introduction and I agree with a lot of points. I do think it's funny that players often state that she is straight forward only to come back on some discussion regarding her and the options she brings, such as Hero's Gamble. Overall though what I do totally agree with is that you'll use her AP to shoot with her. Whcih more or less is her speciality with Trick Shooting which is an excellent almost mandatory Upgrade. Francisco is certainly the main auto-include, as is her fantastic Enslaved Nephilim. Pushes are what make Perdita so extremely ranged killy and for me this application is fantastic if you expect elite crews that rely on Armor or Incorporeal, which oddly for me has meant that Perdita usually isn't the master I choose to handle Neverborn, I just seem to like Sonnia allround more there.  

I certainly agree that Perdita is new player friendly, it's exactly how I started out and besides the massive value her box has she also is allround very capable of 'dealing with other models'. Francisco is key value, so is the Enslaved Nephelim, Papa Loco is great value at some risk but generally can be considered one of the best upgrades ;), Santiago for me is a stepping stone, Nino is a nice sniper useful for particular Schemes and Abuela to me is filling in a role I wish Santiago could fill in, I simply love Abuela and her 'AP generating' abilities. Austringers are so amazing that other choices like Pistoleros feel underwhelming, the ranged combat offense such a crew presents is the reason to why Perdita is so effective. I don't feel PapaBox is as much needed in Perdita as it is for Sonnia by large because I don't mind the risk taken too much with either the Enslaved Nephilim or Abuela.

The Scheme and Build coverage is very awesome, certainly points I agree with and a key selling point for this Episode. I personally can't say I lost Frank too often but that's speaking about my own inexperience against a handful of the factions (they are not yet played here) such as Outcasts and Gremlins. 

Francisco for President (or El Mayor)!

PS I do wish there was some additional coverage on Upgrade options, stuff like Vengeance Bullet and many Wave 4 Upgrades basically. Many of it is straight forward but I always feel Perdita is low on Cache so I think it could be interesting to cover what is excluded to include awesome Upgrades. 

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