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Corpse Generation


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13 minutes ago, faehrmann said:

I am a new Player and wanted to ask, if we have a Way in neverborn to generate corpses other than killing friendly/enemy Models.

Alternativly is there a Way to increase the Ratio (Kill one model, get two corpses or more) ?

Can't think of anything but I haven't been keeping up with the rules lately. Why are you wanting the corpses? If it's for growing tots you can try growing one with the kill and then placing the corpse to use a shaman to grow another which is a fairly decent ratio. You can only fit so many tots in a list anyway.

You can hire Anna Lovelace and her attack can summon mindless zombies who count as corpse markers. If they die they also generate a corpse so I think you can use them for some sweet shenanigans to kill and grant a couple of young nephs fast while ending up with the same amount of corpses left on the table. Something like: Anna attacks and places a zombie near an enemy with a couple of nephs nearby. A tot charges in and kills the zombie to grant both nephs fast, your shaman then turns the tot into a fresh young neph. Hopefully one of the previous young nephs then kills the enemy model granting your newly summoned young the fast condition (thus removing slow). 90% of the time the plan will not play out that smoothly I'm afraid but one can dream.

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