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A slightly different Tara list requiring help selecting between two 2ss upgrades.


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So I have been in a list building zone for a few weeks now while reading or listening to any tactics I can find on a plethora of different masters. I have to say reading the fluff piece in the newest book about Tara and Karina and their weird relationship and the amount of personality Tara has peaked my interest - as did an AP controlling play style. I am happy that they have "fixed" Karina considerably by giving her the "Faces Of Oblivion" 0 upgrade as I felt it would be a shame to not play these girls together. I then started pondering ways to improve her odds of getting the necessary crows - adding Hana was an easy choice granting me a +1 hand size... and then I gazed over at my two Bloodwretches from my starter kit and thought ... wow If i toss the "I pay better" upgrade on Hana and have a bloodwretch activate within the 10" (while already having "fast" added on it by Tara at the beginning of the turn) - it could discard a card to gain Focus, Activate "rage builds" for 1 AP then charge for the remaining 2 Ap. Taking advantage of it's "Furious charge" rule This would give the model 2 Ml 6 attacks with double positive flips - and a positive flip and +1 to damage giving it an impressive spread of 3/4/6 and anytime damage makes it through you'd draw 2 cards and discard one.  With the potential of drawing through an additional 9 cards a turn I feel like fishing out the high Crows for Karina just got a whole more likely.


So with this in mind I came up with the following List.

50 ss Tara Outcasts List. 




Upgrades: Obliteration Symbiote 




Upgrades: The Faces of Oblivion




Upgrades: I Pay Better









Void Wretch

Void Wretch


Now comes the tough call - with only 2 ss left do I take Tara's Knowledge of Eternity upgrade or Hana's Ancient Tomes upgrade?



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