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9/10/16 - September Shenanigans @ Arcana in Washington, NJ


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September Shenanigans Tournament – 9/10/16

Single Master, 40ss with a 70ss hiring pool



Hosted By:

Arcana Toys, Games and Hobbies

25 E. Washington Avenue

Washington, NJ 07882



$10 Entry Fee






1.     Each player will declare a master that they will play for every game in the tournament.



2.     For dual faction masters, at the beginning of each round, players will declare the faction under which their declared master will be for that round.



3.     Crews will be constructed using standard crew construction rules for each game.



4.      Crews may not exceed a total value of 40ss at the start of each game.



5.     Each player will provide a list of models which will constitute their hiring pool for all games, the models in this hiring pool must have a total value which does not exceed 70ss. Any model(s) summoned must also come from this hiring pool.



6.     Each player’s crew will be limited to one (1) action which can summon additional models per turn, once this action is taken, no other model within the crew can take a summoning action within the same turn, regardless of whether the initial action successfully summoned model(s). Triggers from an action that summon model(s) will occur as per standard rules.



7.     Any rule not modified by the forgoing will remain in play as per standard Malifaux 2E rules.



Arcana Toys, Games and Hobbies in Washington, NJ will be hosting this tournament. Sign in will be from 12:30pm to 1:00pm, then the cards will fly.


Prizes for overall tournament winner, second place and best painted model, further details will be listed on the Arcana Malifaux Facebook Group.  



Arcana maintains a well-stocked inventory of Malifaux miniatures as well as hobby supplies, its knowledgeable and helpful staff and resident Malifaux community is extremely welcoming and always willing to assist new players as they embark on their journey into The Breach.


They are located at:                       25 E. Washington Avenue

                                                      Washington, NJ 07882

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