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Last Chance Campaign - Isle of Man, UK, September


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The Chain of Command Gaming Group based @ The All Saints Church Hall, Douglas, Isle of Man - will be hosting the first ever Manx Malifaux Campaign from September 4th over 4 successive Mondays.

Attendance at all nights isn't required (but most is certainly preferable). As myself and another campaign organiser will arrange interim games during the week should you be unable to make it.

In the interests of boosting take up of the game we're running this Campaign for free - and with slightly stripped back Shifting Loyalties rules to make them as accessible to everyone as possible.

The campaign is a narrative driven story over 4 weeks taking place over 6 games and 1 special event.
We've structured these games so as to hopefully guarantee large swings in crew scores - so hopefully even on the last day anyone can win - mainly to encourage the new players :D

So far we have 16 entrants, the majority of which have never played before so you're more than welcome to join in. 
Should you browse this forum and reside in my part of the world and not be aware of the hall. Please drop me a message as you're more than welcome to join!
I'm hosting training events every Monday at the club with the aim to get everyone ready.

Nice and simple rules pack: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxCfJFTehEqtSTZSQWQxRi1kdGc
19th August edit: Doc Rules revised/Added finished off. Will be minor tweaks as me and fellow organiser continue to play test

Our gaming group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/21238835102/

Despite entry being Free myself and my fellow campaign organiser are funding a prize for the overall winner and a prize for best painted.
We'd like to offer more but we're on a mad dash just trying to get sufficient terrain for 8+ tables (on top of a house renovation)...! Next year though!

For those interested I'll post a Campaign report each week in the necessary part of the forum

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May have lost a few competitors due to personal reasons - shall firm up the numbers on 29th when it's the deadline. Intro written though 

For those who may move here in future date we're firming up plans for Gaining Grounds, Tag Team, Enforcer Brawl & the beefed up Shifting Royalties next year


"Look at all the fancy folk in front of the town hall Sheriff! Are you sure we are safe with all them here?"

"Normally I'd have shot them all on sight Mayor but the order was clear, everyone is welcome in Last Chance. Humans, gremlins....things. The Governor-General was clear he wants Last Chance to show Malifaux everyone can play nice together"

Mayor Cheddington scratched his chin and mused on. The Governor-General had appointment him directly and knew of his particular....skills. In fact that was probably why he hired him. Of course Mattheson had disapproved but then he always did and at some point he would need to deal with his spies that were surely out there. Still, it was a powder keg waiting to happen out there.... "And what if they don't all play nice Sheriff?" He asked.

The sheriff tipped his hat and winked "Then it's a bullet or a noose for them. If they are unlucky then first it will be one...then the other"

The Mayor couldn't help but chuckle. "I best go and address them...tell them how the town works and all that"


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