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Found 22 results

  1. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402)991-8699 Dates: April 29th Time: 6pm Cost: $5 If finding work in Malifaux is too hard, there are always over ways to make some money. Word on the streets is of a train crossing through the city with money and supplies for Latigo. Time to get a cut. This event will be a special story encounter. Players will create a 10ss crew, but for this event, Enforcers can be made Leaders and must be chosen to lead the crew. All other rules for creating a crew are still the same. There will be 3 rounds as you try to grab as much of t
  2. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402)991-8699 Dates: April 22nd Time: 6pm Cost: None There is a legend of a rabbit in Malifaux that comes around once a year. This creature is no normal rabbit, it is often called the Spring Bunny as that is when it normal shows up. As the story goes, it hides egg around the city and mysterious things can happen to those that find them. Turns out this year, the Spring bunny is still around. Time to find out what he is up to. The Spring Bunny Returns will be a 25ss event using a fixed list. Bring your best list in for some th
  3. Join us for a Holiday themed Story Encounter December 1st, 2018 Registration at 10:30 am, gaming at 11:00 Atomic Empire, Durham, NC Three rounds, fixed faction, using M2e rules (details available the day of) Come out and have fun, enjoy some gaming before the holidays and relatives get crazy!
  4. When? June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Where? Millard West 5710 S. 176th Ave Omaha, NE 68135. Home of the Bugeater GT What? Join me this year for the first ever Malifaux events in our local gaming convention the Bugeater GT. There will be a Dust Up 25 event (a local twist on smaller format games), a Gaining Grounds event on Saturday, and even a story encounter on Sunday. Should be a great time to all, no matter how you like to play! Buy your tickets at the link below and check out more info on the convention. There are only 24 spots for each event so grab then while you can. Info on the e
  5. It’s a Malifaux Christmas (or other seasonally-appropriate holiday of your choice)! As part of the 2018 Atlanta Tabletop Reindeer Games, we’re presenting a three-round Christmas (etc.)-themed holiday Story Encounter on Saturday, December 9. Bring a 40-Soulstone Crew and play as many rounds as you like – participating in all three rounds makes you eligible for some special swag from Wyrd Games, but everyone’s a winner! Entry to the Reindeer Games requires either a $5 donation or an unwrapped toy; there is an additional $15 donation for the Malifaux tournament. All donations will be go
  6. Greetings, To make it fit with Halloween, we'll be running a special "Story Encounter" at our store throughout this month. If you happen to be around, please join us for some games and get a chance to win prizes. Note: -- There will be an entry fee. -- Prizes will be awarded after the conclusion of the event. (i.e. not before the first of November)
  7. Join us in August for our Malifaux Story Encounter League here at Dreamers Vault Games in Burnsville Minnesota! This will be a casual achievement based league with an emphasis on playing story encounters and the cool things possible within these games. This league is very new player friendly as well as adding variety and spice to veterans and returning players. The league will take place every Wednesday night starting at 6 throughout all of August. There will be an entry fee of $15 or $30 in Wyrd product. Store Credit Prizes will be given out to top 3 as well as official Wyrd prize support w
  8. Hi there! I have a question about the two scenarios of The University of Transmortis. The two player scenarios never mention where the iron zombies are starting. While the solo game says that they aren't deployed, so they will all be placed in base contact with one model of the player. So are they also off board at first and placed in the written order at the end or the beginning of the turn according to the respective strategies of the two player games? Thanks for the answers!
  9. Who doesn't like a good story? Come join CoMo Malifux for our next league starting February 23 and lasting for six weeks. This league we be set up so that players can play up to three story encounters each week. These encounters will be announced At the start of each League Day (Thursdays) via the facebook group. Each player can only play another player once per two player match (but can have repeats for 3+) Games are to be reported to the Henchman as would be at a tournament (Points for strategy and each scheme). The winner will be determined using the GG2017 rules for a Tournam
  10. This tournament will be a little different than most. Instead of normal strategies each round, each table will be a different story encounter! 50ss crew size, fixed Master. $5 entry fee, prizes for the top three. 3 rounds, 145 minute rounds. Candy for everyone! Everything you need for the encounter will be provided, along with a copy of the rules. As per normal story encounter rules, schemes will not need to be flipped. You may choose any schemes you wish, using the Gaining Grounds 2016 scheme set. 5447 S Rainbow Blvd Suite E5 Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 220-501
  11. Important - this event now has a new venue - WarZone Workshop in Northampton. New rulespack and payment details below. 3 fun but challenging interlinked story encounters will be played with an early finish as its a Sunday. Book 4 models will be allowed. £5 entry Rulespack here; https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12083335/Rules Pack - Dark Powers- Aug16_v1.pdf Confirmed Connor Andy G - Nicodem Matt L - Reva Graeme Claire Ben - Nellie Cochrane Craig Joel Mike Lee Reserve Me - Sandeep
  12. The Chain of Command Gaming Group based @ The All Saints Church Hall, Douglas, Isle of Man - will be hosting the first ever Manx Malifaux Campaign from September 4th over 4 successive Mondays. Attendance at all nights isn't required (but most is certainly preferable). As myself and another campaign organiser will arrange interim games during the week should you be unable to make it. In the interests of boosting take up of the game we're running this Campaign for free - and with slightly stripped back Shifting Loyalties rules to make them as accessible to everyone as possible. The camp
  13. Has anyone played the story encounters in the Brotherhood of the Rat box? I'm a little confused as to how the encounters themselves are supposed to work. I've tried the single player one, but found it was far too easy. This usually indicates that I'm doing something wrong, haha. Eight rats against my 25SS Snow Storm crew is just one-sided. I killed everything inside of two turns. :/ The second encounter, 'Swarmed', really confused me. It's two players, but the rules for the rats are bit vague. Is it a normal game with the exception of non-peons carrying the Voracious Rats rule?
  14. There's going to be three Malifaux events at the Las Vegas Open. We'll have a Henchman Hardcore on Friday, a 50ss Gaining Grounds on Saturday, and a Story Encounter by Nicodemic on Sunday. Chrissy (asyouwish78) will be running the Sunday event. Convention badges for LVO can be found here: https://www.frontlinegaming.org/las-vegas-open-2016/lvo-2016-registration-information/ Details and registration for the Malifaux events can be found here: https://www.frontlinegaming.org/las-vegas-open-2016/lvo-2016-malifaux-tournament/ Location: Ballys Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA Dates
  15. I just got the Brotherhood of the rat box set from the black Friday sale, and OMG it is awesome!!! I love that WYRD is integrating M2E and TTB in these story encounters. The mini storybook is great, dripping with theme, the M2E encounters look like a blast, and it's a decent mini TTB adventure to introduce my fated into another subculture of the Malifaux universe. I bought the box set for the hamlin models not realizing just how much extra play-ability is packed in. Wyrd, you should be doing these more often! This set ROCKS!! Now I'm itching to have a looksy at the Crossroads and University T
  16. Mali-food Story Encounter Food Drive -- Saturday, Dec. 5thHero Complex Games and Entertainment2120 N Woodlawn Blvd # 314, Wichita, KS 67208Schedule10:30 AM - Registration11:00 AM - Open Play begins6:30 PM - Open Play ends6:45 PM - Prizes awardedThis is an open play achievement league event with three scenarios available for play. Play each scenario once, or the same scenario over and over again trying to get the best score. Story Encounter 1: Holiday Shopping Story Encounter 2: The Krampus is Watching! Story Encounter 3: Christmas Caroling Entry donation is at least $5 or 10 non-perishable fo
  17. It’s an all-out hunt for the treasures of Malifaux this month as The Portal Comics and Gaming hosts our first Story Encounter tournament. The below story encounters will be used for the 3 rounds and all details are found in the Malifaux 2nd Edition Rulebook. When: Saturday May 23, 2015 Registration Begins at 11:30AM with play beginning at 12:00PM Where: The Portal Comics and Gaming 321 Woodlawn Ave. Bethlehem, PA 18018 http://www.theportalcomicsandgaming.com 610-419-8004 Details: We will be using the 2015 Gaining Grounds Tournament Rule Set, as promoted by Wyrd , and this e
  18. Story encounter. 35 SS, no painting requirement. Please let me know what proxies you will be using before November 15, 2014. Address and Phone Number 446 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 (201) 796-7377 Start Time: 11am Entry Fee: TBD (maybe $10) will be posting up the Story encounter in the beginning of the month. Thanks again
  19. I'm going to be running an Easter-themed Malifaux tournament. I just saw the cute Easter gremlins come up on the site, but no scenarios. In fact, I've hunted across the internet and found no Easter-themed scenarios at all. So I decided to write my own. I will share these scenarios with you for two reasons. 1. Give me feedback! Test them out, see if they work, tell me how fun they are. 2. So poor lost souls like myself can find some last minute Easter scenarios. Disclaimer: These scenarios have not been play-tested, so they could be horribly unbalanced. Easter Egg Hunt: Easte
  20. A Story Encounter for Malifaux (PDF) by TedPro (co-written by megnc86, with huge thanks to lifeblood, kasul, and The Bad Man for feedback and playtesting) "This old heap of gears and springs ain't much now, but if we can get it fixed up in time, it will be unstoppable!" SETUP: The setting should be a city or town layout, with buildings, laboratories, and possibly crumbling ruins and strange obelisks, but also enough open outdoor space that the Clockwork Juggernauts can reach each other. No Special Effects or Features are needed. Place four 30mm Parts Counters on the board. Each mu
  21. THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY (PDF) A Story Encounter for Malifaux by TedPro (with thanks to megnc86, lifeblood, and kasul for feedback and playtesting) SETUP Choose one player to be the Train Operators, and the other to be the Bandit. This can be either by agreement or using the following rule: "The most likely factions to be Train Operators are, in descending order, Arcanist, Guild, Outcast, Resurrectionist, and Neverborn." Place train cars across a diagonal of the board, similar to a Diagonal Deployment. Each train car should be about 2 inches wide by 6 inches long, and about 3 inc
  22. WYRDNESS RISING You’re sitting in a less than reputable establishment, drinking your poison of choice, when a grizzled man, a miner on first glance, bursts in. “They’re goin’ after the Seals!” he shouts, hysteria making his voice crack. Several people laugh, but you look more intently at the man. He may be covered in dust, but you realize that his hands are manicured and covered in ink, and there are pens sticking out of several pockets. You can even see a book poking out of his bag. You are not the only one who notices. “Who’s going after what?” demands an off
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