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Hello from Crawfordsville, Indiana


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Hey there everyone! I've been into Malifaux for a while but seriously don't get as much gaming in as I'd like. Very very VERY slim pickings where I'm at. I've only managed to get a handful of games under my belt but I love the game and think it's wonderful.

Anyway, I figured I would just throw this up here and see if anyone nearby would be interested in a game.

I usually chill at Friendly City Games here in Cville and would love to see the Malifaux community grow here. (So would our FLGS! ^^ )


That being said, I wouldn't mind trying out the Vassal version but I'd not only need someone to help me learn the program but also help me out with the game itself as I have only played a couple times.


ps. I hope this forum is correct to post this sort of thing in. The Wyrd forums don't really have a specific "looking for players" section.


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Hey Vecks---glad you found us!  Definitely swing by some Tuesday.  I will be missing next week, but am usually there.  Cville is close to me, so I don't mind getting a few games in there as well.  If you want to PM me with your email, I can put you on my Malifaux mailing list.


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