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New Arsenal decks


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32 minutes ago, Mazin1 said:

I have the orininal. Any reason to get the new one?

Arsenal Deck 1 is the cards from the Core Rulebook, models and upgrades.

Arsenal Deck 2 is the cards from Crossroads, models and upgrades.

The General Upgrade Deck is the cards from Core Rulebook, Crossroads, and Shifting Loyalties (if there are any), upgrades only.

The Shifting Loyalties Campaign Deck is the cards for the first 66 pages of Shifting Loyalties (the cards used in the campaign rules).

The Generalist Upgrade Deck 2 is the cards from Ripples of Fate, upgrades only. (And the Metal Gamin cards, for reasons.)

And almost everything through Shifting Loyalties is available from the print-on-demand service (the emissaries will be there "soon").

And if you own the book (soft cover or PDF), a photocopy or reproduction is just as tournament legal as a cardboard glossy card.  And according to a post in AWP:


Does anyone know if Wyrd have any plans for their own App for digital cards?  I would dearly love one to be able to see all the cards and learn model rules, come up with combos and build lists. I have to admit that while there are some great list builders out there, they are pretty useless unless you know the model rules and upgrades available.


Nathan Caroland End of the year.

That was August 4.


So, do you have any reason to buy the other cards? 

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