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My First Wyrd Miniature Won Uninimous Judge's Choice, a Silver Medal and the Wyrd Coin at Gencon

Will Tomorrow

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Hey guys, new to the forum and miniature range, but not painting. Entered my first national contest at Gencon, competing against the likes of Marike Reimer (whose piece was beyond exceptional), and won all over the place. Took 1st place and a Gold Medal for the diorama category and got Judge's Choice, a Silver Medal and the Wyrd Coin for my take on Aionus. 

I'm sharing it via an imgur gallery, as the pictures are both numerous and quite large. While it was my first miniature from the line, I enjoyed it so much I just went ahead and purchased every Gremlin model, along with the Tortoise and Hare (That Hare sculpt tho). I also won the new Nightmare Guild Crew for the winning the Wryd Coin, which was cool, and got the Gencon Miss Flame Exclusive, for spending my first born child at their booth. So I guess what I'm saying is you're going to be seeing more of my stuff in the Wyrd Line. I don't really tabletop, and don't know the first thing about how to play Malifaux, I just know that I love the miniatures and universe they evoke; so my apologies if I'm getting the names of things incorrect... I go through a lot of miniatures, doing the painting gig 24/7. 

I've been incredibly warmly welcomed, just about everywhere I've chatted with Wyrdo's, which is a refreshing change of pace from some other tabletop system's fans I've encountered in my work. At any rate, that's enough babbling.

 Here's the link to the Aionus that won: Miniatures of Tomorrow: Aionus (Wyrd)

Also, if you're curious, here's a link the to 1st place Diorama I won a Gold for: Miniatures of Tomorrow: Nurgle Drake (GW)

I'm excited to have found these forums, and really look forward to seeing your works and sharing any tips and insights I may have gleaned in my craft time so far. 

Keep your bristles damp, 

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The Aionus was crazy. I saw that Wyrd was sponsoring a contest at Gen Con this year and was vaguely aware that I enjoyed some of the Malifaux range I'd seen other painters do. I went to the website, looking for a figure and saw Aionus' box art. The movement of the piece immediately captured me, and I want to emulate and expand a bit on the same sweeping backdrop they used. 

I got it in the mail on a Monday, and was completely done with the project that Thursday, no time at all. I was really inspired by the mini, for whatever reason. The scene completely captured my imagination, and I painted and modeled a storm over four days to bang it out. In retrospect, I wish I'd taken a couple of weeks with it. I probably could've pulled another Gold and placed in Single Figure had I tightened up my freehand and polished some of the tile glazes. 

Still, I'm over the moon with a Silver, Judges Plinth and Wyrd Coin. There were some truly magnificent pieces in the contest this year. 

The diorama, on the other hand.... 1000+ hours over 5 months. Tons of greenstuff work to sculpt the details on the armor plates and second face in the dragon's chest. 

It was a slog, and I love having it behind me now, especially with some accolades for the portfoliio attached. 

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