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McTavish Crew?


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Back to painting and a ???? popped in my head so I figured I'd ask. This is all I have now. I picked them up because I thought it looked cool. C'mon what's cooler than a Cajun with 5 Gators. What are the crews you build around him? Just a Henchman Crew.

McTavish -n- Ga'Tor

4 - Bayou Gators


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I had great success at a Henchman Hardcore event with the following crew (Henchman Hardcore is 20 stones, Henchman led, exactly four models, with Turf War and Assassinate the only objectives)


Gracie w/Dirty Cheater

Lightning Bug

Old Cranky


In that list, he was mostly there for just "Generic powerful model" purposes, but it worked. One of his strengths is that he's not really dependent on any faction synergies like so many other models, so you can really put him in a crew without having to also take 5+ stones of support like you might with other models. Unfortunately he is also unable to access most faction synergies, so it's kind of a double-edged sword. He works well when paired with a model like Old Cranky or Lenny though, someone who is useful when they're simply present rather than having to spend AP to be useful. That model can then drop Scheme Markers for McTavish to push to with one of his (0)s. Lightning Bugs also work for this after turn one if you can use their (0) to drop a tome and take an interact at the end of turn. Old Cranky has the added benefit of having a little card cycling and being cheap, with a pretty nice gun if push comes to shove.

For Swampfiend synergy, I don't often use it myself so I can't comment, but I can't see myself getting off more than a +1 or maybe +2 at a stretch bonus to his gun duel total. The extra cover can be nice though.

He does rather like Dirty Cheater too - Slop Haulers can't heal him because he's not a Gremlin or Pig, so he can do with a way to gain health back.

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I love Lightning Bugs. They're super versatile and very reliable.

Their attack is a Ca and ignores armour so deals full damage against pretty much everything (although it is only 2/3/3 damage it's still very consistent), it's also Ca 6 so a pretty high stat for such a cheap model. They have reckless, and can even triple walk and (1) interact in a single turn if you have any tome in hand. Their attack triggers are great - the heal is good for both ranged support (provided you randomise well!) and healing up summons, and handing out slow on a crow is always nice. Their defenses are a tad low and they're a bit shorter range than most other gremlin shooty models, but dang have I never regretted taking a Bug. The closest I've come to a Lightning Bug not pulling its weight was the last game I played, and only because it spent two of the three turns we played paralysed. If you've got a spare 5 stones, they're always worth considering, particularly against Arcanists who often have lots of armour. They're one of the few models I could see building a crew exclusively from and still being somewhat competitive.

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