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how important is my cache in a Jack Daw crew?


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I'm just getting into Malifaux, I've got a few games under my belt and I'm just now thinking about some things I wasn't thinking about before as my newness wears off, like using focus and defensive stance, and my soulstone useage. I'm wondering if I should be maximising my pool when list building, or getting more models into play, and also what I should be using my soulstones on - its my clear when I am wasting them. I seem to use them mostly to see more cards at the start of the turn, or reflipping initiative when I feel like I really need it at the moment. My crew consists of Jack, Ligeia and Montresor, and then some combination of up to 3x guilty, up to 3x crooked men and up to 2x the hanged. I also have Bishop and Sue (mainly since I love the models!) but I haven't had a chance to play with them yet, so I don't know how well they will fit with the crew or how often I'll play them.

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You should read Pantzer's Jack Daw Project. There is a lot of good information and battle reports. I'm also running Daw and using a more elite crew in the Crossroads 7. I'm finding out that Jack can use a large variety of crew members that can be tailored to the mission at hand. I have found a cache of 4-6 is something I can work with, but I also tend to use Greed of the 7 who can get me 1or 2 more in a duel. Sue is great. I have only used him twice, but activating abilities in the manner of Johnny Cash is some fun.

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