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Hail from Brazil!


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Hello folks!

Good afternoon and an awesome day to all of you. I've been lurking in these forums for a while and decided it's time to step up.

Here in Brazil unfortunately there's a very small tabletop games community, mostly because it's damn near impossible to get most minis to even come to us. That being said, I started Malifaux at the end of last year and it's become my favorite game mechanic wise. I even managed to get two of my friends to like it!

I started playing Neverborn, specifically Lilith and her Nephilim, mostly because I had a first edition Nekima beforehand. Recently I've purchased the Hired Guns and Hired swords sets, along with some extra freikorps models to build up an outcasts force. My intention was to do some demo games for my local Games club and see if some more people show interest on it.

I guess that's all for now. See ya!

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Oi, eu estou no Brasil agora- no Rio e Teresopolis... but my Portuguese is not so good, and I am only visiting for another 5 days.  I didn't bring my Malifaux stuff with because I didn't think I'd find players.  I am moving down here in the future, though, and I will definitely want to find people to play with because it's my favorite game.  So, it is good to hear that a buzz is starting here, and I look forward to linking with the community in the future.  Also, Lilith and Von Schill seem like a pretty good duo for demos, and I hope all is going well.

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