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Malifaux Campaign @ Games of Berkeley (1/28)

Sancho of Rime

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Date: 1/28/2016

Time: 1pm - 9pm

Place: Games of Berkeley, Berkeley CA

Events: Nythera Campaign, Casual

Campaign Day: Week 2 / 6(feel free to come on in)

Howdy ho fellow Malifolks!!


Come one and come all to Games of Berkeley! We're right across the street from the downtown Berkeley BART station! We'll be there this upcoming Thursday (1/28) at 1pm all the way till 9 pm! Play with us in the Shifting Loyalties Campaign ! We're playing a 6 week campaign and we are on the 2nd week! Play two games at the event towards the campaign.  There is no fee, or any of that. Play and have a chance at winning! Get a prize and have some fun. The campaign is tournament with the hideout rules. We have "Cut em up for parts" and Trading on. If you have not been with us yet, your list would be 30 points if you joined us this week. 


Want to grow your collection? Well that's a silly question of course you do! We've got the best stock in the Bay Area! Come on down and get whatever it is you need and order anything that we don't have(that's not much). We've a collection of pewter models all on discount. We are located right across the street from the downtown Berkeley BART station. 

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