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Translucent Crews and other Malifaux stuff for Sale

Soul Puppet

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I'm based in the UK but will consider posting abroad. All models are plastic unless otherwise stated. I will also offer discounts for multiple purchases.

Prices shown do NOT include postage (contact me to enquire *)


Translucent Pink Dreamer Crew - £40

Translucent Green Kirai Crew - £40

Translucent Blue Rasputina Crew - £40 - SOLD

Translucent Green Pandora Crew -£40

Translucent Red Bete Noire - £12

Limited Edition Gremlin - £10 - SOLD

Limited Edition Katanaka Sniper - £12

Executioner with Apron - £6

Peacekeeper - £15

Somer Crew Box - £22

Ophelia Crew Box - £22

Brewmaster Crew Box - £22

Sonnia Cre Box - £22

Viktorias Crew Box - £22 - SOLD

Lazarus - £6 - SOLD

3 Ten Thunder Archers - £4 each

Barbaros - £5

Cherub - £3

3 Terror Tots - £3 each

2 Silurids - £4 each

Waldgeist - £4

Metal Pere Ravage - £4

Metal Tuco - £5

Metal Lelu - £5 - SOLD

Metal Lilitu - £5 - SOLD

Metal Black Blood Shaman - £5 - SOLD

Gremlin Bundle (Somer, metal Ophelia, Wong, 2 Mosquitos, 4 metal Piglets and minimum of 15 assorted Gremlins) - £40


*If anyone is attending the UK Masters or League of Extraordinary Henchmen tournaments on January 30/31 2016 then I can bring them in person to save postage.

Reply to the thread or DM me for any offers, questions etc. but I do not check online every day so please be patient awaiting a reply.



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7 hours ago, Soul Puppet said:

It is on sprue but is in a 1st Edition box and therefore does not have the M2E card. £7.50 GBP to send to Italy.



Sorry if I'm a bit slow, but... £7,50 is just for shipping, or is it the model shipped?


thanks in advance :)

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2 hours ago, Popsical said:

What condition are the ophelia and somer crews in please? Also is the postage to UK included in your price? Cheers

Both in box still. The Somer box is open because I have taken the LE Johanna out but otherwise they are both untouched. Price is for hand delivery at the tournament this weekend, so postage would be a bit more.



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  • 1 month later...

Still waiting to hear back from you and/or receive my models since i paid you.


Been a week now since you received payment, and still no contact, therefore i will begin my claim with paypal.

I do hope nothing serious is happening in your life, but i guess i will have to do without the models and hope nothing is wrong. I have checked every day but seems you have not logged in since i last contacted you. Not a good way to get a good rep for trading. :(


Everything sorted now, as i thought somthing had happened in real life, my models arrived in great condition this morning. :D

Edited by Bryan Jennison
update on situation
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