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  1. Okay, I'm mad here, because I just received wrong cards despite sounding off here and asking current orders to be looked into. Yeah... it was a great feeiling to wait for such a long time on these cards and get the wrong ones, especially with waiting for so long and no way of knowing which version I end up with. Really, could not Wyrd tell WGV to investigate existing orders sent to printeres? Adding a few more days to get it just right? So yeah... I will need to check now every card, in case there are some right prints and I look forward spending my afternoon fixing a mistake, that could have been easily prevented, since it was a known issue :(. @Lonewolf240, while I am sure that if I contact WGV, I will receive the real deal, quality isn't waht I would use currently right now. If they can't take the extra mile to hold the press, when Wyrd is telling that there is something wrong, than that is just amateurish.
  2. No problem with that, was just checking if they might have given cover due to the "blocking" nature (we could not find anything quickly skimming through the rulebook), but I can live them not giving cover as well... so positioning them will be more a key factor. Thanks.
  3. It seems clear and dry, since nothing is written on the card, but still we wondered last time we played. Does Zipp's and Iron Skeeters smoke tokens give any kind of cover. If yes, which one or should that have been ruled pregame with the opponent? If not, I can see the RAW, but from a life standpoint, I don't see why they won't give cover... cover does not mean it stops a bullet etc., but can help to misguide the enemy...
  4. What happens with cards at the printer? Mine are there since the 12th January 2017? Will they get sorted out as well? I really would like to get that sorted out, before a potential missprint of my order happens, since we have (from some resources) only a finite amount of number and from printing to shipping and so again, those will removed twice ... Otherwise: 6th January 3x Gaining Grounds 2017; 2x Errata Bundle Ordered, 2x Killjoy, 1x Leveticus ordered 6th January Paid 11th January Sent to printer ( PPO.M20170111232731987 ) 12th January Printing facility has acknowledged receipt of your order.
  5. Disclaimer: I'm replying to this posts, because I feel it's warranted, since I started the topic. This is not me being a kicking and screaming child forcing everybody to see it my way, but rather putting things in perspectives. As I already mentioned in my opening post; I do not own Wyrd, so I don't get to make the decisions. However I can make feedback (that not everybody is happy), but I also know it's impossible to please everybody. I also know that the Malifaux-verse is a strong brand and investing further in that brand and expaning your target audience is a smart move. Without further ado I reply to some of the comments, not to bicker or argue for argue's sake, but ultimately, because I feel a response is due. Sure, but not every company announces that they cancelled projects. While yes it could be that they are have baked, they necessarily don'T have to be to be cancelled, just they want to give ToS priority. For me that is an unwelcome change in tactics, for others it's a cool message. I'm sad, you are maybe happy. In the end I have to cope with Wyrd's decision. Sure, but on the other Hand they also could have appealed to me. For me it's rather that it got cancelled over a project I do not care for enough... and it got announced as a happy thing to do... Well, than let's pray People flock onto it, so I can see the mystery projects once they further along...It gained some traction, but I really don't see it getting the cancelled stuff money back Please, don'T let it be hit. I would have loved that! Now I worry much more Any link on that context with Aaron? Also this is only true if ToS brings now in the money I put this quote in the end, since I really want to stress that I was just voicing my dislike. And agian in the end I'm just the one from the side that is not happy, but I'm far from torches and pitchforks... as if that would amount to anything in that Situation ;).
  6. Disclaimer: I know I am only one humble opinion and I also know that I don't have to deal with the day to day business the Wyrd head honhos does, but I still want to sound on. I am talking about the latest quip here, specifically [...] By canceling a few other (so far unannounced) projects, [....] ... and now I'm sad and curious. Sad because The Other Side does not appeal to me and there could have been mmore Wyrd stuff that would be speaking to me; curious about the stuff that could have been. I'm well aware that you can't speak, but that was a mean tease... (though I understand that you need to explain how you came to shifting the goals). However what I really can't understand is that they are canceled, which for me translates in, you don't believe in these additional projects :s
  7. Thanks for also doing a listing on what is included, so I just can add Levi and call it a day...
  8. My humble guess is, those are just the PREVIEW files and won't get updated. I guess once @Aaron uploads them on the Errata page and such, we will see all the change we contributed to. The question is only, when they will be available on Wyrd's site :/
  9. Wait, what... I don't need to buy Killjoy, just his cards, because the Carver is legal now? The plastic Carver. I get rewarded, because I bought some story Encounter for my group? What is this sorcery! I'm right, right?
  10. I would love a buyable Version. Tournaments in my area a scarce to next to non-existant and I can't even get guilders... I can understand running them with Wyrd promotions (Easter sale or such), which is already a tough thing to Import... So yeah, I would love having ALT stuff more accessible...
  11. I'm honest here. I'm confused about what and what will get an update. If I get it right. a] normal minion cards first b] LE like Miss Terious coming, but after the initial updates c] Special Cards [like the one put into in black friday], or Vintage Master only in print, when the stock from Wyrd depleted Did I got it right, or am I still wrong :s?
  12. So, how will I get an updated Miss Terious card... or if my ALT Firestarter will be updated?
  13. Yeah, print them, put the prints on ceareal card board and sleeve it. Done and done :3
  14. Well... I encountered a lot of poeple noticing the MG change in later versions of the Errata (read: MG Change had gone unnoticed by them) and there was a sudden outcry again. Maybe you experienced it as well and thus the confusion
  15. Wasn't the Levi Change right around GenCon, with the Upgrade #2 Deck probably already in production (to have everything available), I guess Levi was not in that stage to be included...
  16. I would be happy if they would do a WargameVault Errata January 2017 pack, so if you feel like it, you just put it there with one click and be done and happy and did not miss anything...
  17. @Aaron Will Cards like Miss Terious (who has now the Void characteristc) will be made available for purchase, too?
  18. They are not online, yet... Access is via download per pdf (so you can print them out) or Wargame Vault (soon)
  19. How long is the delay approx.? I'm asking since we are not from the US and I intend to piggy back all my players with their order, when the local Henchman and me (I'm the Henchman of the Henschman... am I the Enforcer?) order our GG 2017 cards, because we now want to upgrade from the book missions (and our players feel the same way).
  20. Thanks, I feel now confident in my painting order and what to try... and yes @spooky_squirrel you ALWAYS have to take schemes & strats into consideration Just itching to play the girl on the table...
  21. Thanks for the Intel, so the next thing on the painting table will be def. Porkchop and Emissary anything else I could take (given enough soulstones, have not the cards with me) for a 50 game. Should I Keep the Emberling if I don't want Toshiro, or should I take the wonder weasel?
  22. @Piccio I even have the shadow effigy and tengus.. terracotas are not available and I want to save Toshiro for when I paint up and field Yan lo (already built... the beard). Re Mech Prokchop; would it be good to have it around Mei for the buff... ... :s
  23. So, after having a fun game with my Gremlins and Lucky Emissary last night (he won me the game). I really want to touch my Mei Fang Crew now (currently I only lent her to new players, never being able to field them myself). With the fun having with Lucky, I want to field the Shadow Emissary. I also want the Crew half thematic... I have some purchases, but I need to paint up some rest of the models and want to include the Shadow Emissary. Can you help me build a mostly viable (sure, sure Schemes & Stats) in theme Crew. - Things I have painted - Rail Crew Rail Golem Dawn Serpent Sparks - Things to paint - Shadow Emissary Obsidian Oni Katanaka Sniper (I have 2 LE models, but would prefer the 2nd one to trade in for a different stanced model) Metal Gamin Willie Kamaitachi Johan(a) Komainu Mech Porkch Yes I know I should take Toshiro, since he is great to summon off, but I really want to do it in theme. I also have various other 10 T models in the Pipeline like the Jorogomu...
  24. @-Loki- Don't worry, just to clarify I'm not salty and fully aware of those points you presented. I just wanted to give some feedback how I perceive things as they unfold . That is why I gave it the notion of success. As you put it, they don't target me and that even shows that I don't feel engaged. Looking at the Kickstarter page it seems that others are , so I guess Wyrd can stomach me just ranting in. I also think it's great that Wyrd introduces a new system, why? Because it can influence Malifaux. Again, I am excited if those plug in bases can bring sth. to the Malifaux world... The benefit of me ranting in? I don't know, though I guess generally feedback is appreciated, if it's not just full on Veruca Salt. I said it already on FB, I wish nothing but the best of luck to Wyrd with this endeavor and I am happy for every player finding sth. in the world of Malifaux they might have missed otherwise . Also this gives Malifaux a little breather and they have more time to cook new juicy choices in Malifaux. So TOS is very much welcome in my book. Maybe they can present even new information on the Kickstarter? Maybe the fluff Team has more in store for us? Also the "success" quip can be misinterpreted, I mean this fully honest and more as a praise than "I am sad that you probably see it as success". This was me just voicing in with sth. I believe Wyrd is very much aware off, never the less I felt the urge to type it, since I think it's okay to get some feedback from your established base (though it's also okay to ignore it, if you already have bigger picture in mind ).
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