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RAMI's gun sprue.. Seriously


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Now I have a broken gun. It was difficult to get the barrels off the sprue.  I have been modeling for years and built figs for TONS of game.

But I would love to know WHY the design for his gun?  

(Fanboys... no need to brag about how easy it was for you.)

Sorry for the tone, but tired of spendng good money of figs for an amazing game and spending time extremely frustrated because Wyrd intentionally makes things difficult.  I am not gaming to be a modeler.  

I was frustrated at the archers helmets.. but this is MUCH worse.

I just want to know why these ridiculous designs?


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You might not believe me but this is actually a test. Seriously. If you get through assembly process with the new Gremlins without any issues then it is obvious that Bayou is your home and Malifaux will favor you and your Gremlin life.

But if you don't get through this process without any issues then it is a clear message that you should avoid Bayou at all cost or it is almost sure you that you'll end up either eaten by the wild pig or stampeded by equally large crazy chicken :D

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