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Sparks of Love Part 1

Dr. Porkenstein

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The Moment Sparks laid eyes on the female human with the big hammer; he knew he was in love. He watched as she delivered smashing blow after blow to the head of the them walkin’ corpses. With each hit brains, guts, and rotten flesh flew through the air. Each wallop of her hammer echoed like thunder.

Sparks had been tryin to find a small boat that was rumored to have been wrecked up somewhere in this part of the bayou, it’s crew long since gave up the ghost to gators, skeeters, and other beasts of the swamp. Rumor had it that there were quite a few mechanical whatnots around the wreckage, including one of them new-fangled steam engines that made it go. Sparks would give his right arm to find that kind of stuff. Heck, with those parts he could build him a new one. He had found some human carcasses a few yards back so he presumed he was on the right trail. That’s when heard the ruckus.

He peered between the long reeds and saw a tall, red-haired, human woman. At least he was pretty sure she was a human. He hadn’t had a lot of interaction with humans but usually those two big lumps in the front meant it was female even in humans. She was scrappin with some walkin corpses. Could be they was from the boat.  He watched her smash the last of the corpses, completely smitten with the beauty amongst the violence and gore. He had never laid his eyes on something so beautiful. The long thin body. The broad purrty head. It was the most spectacular hammer he had ever seen!

He had heard tell of a hammer like this. What was it called….oh yeah, relic hammer! He had heard a story bout a human male that killed several of his kin with one. So if a male had one and a female had one….he did a quick count on his fingers….that means there were two out there. And if there was two there could be more. He had to have one. He knew alone he had little chance of gettin it away from the female by himself and by the time he got back with some fellers, she’d be gone. But he knew he had to have one. First he’d find the boat, salvage what he could and then go find out all he could bout these relic hammers. That meant talkin to the smartest gremlin he knew….Dr. Porkenstein.


To Be Continued…..

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