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  1. Title says it all. Just hoping this post will draw attention from some one at Wyrd that can answer.
  2. I dont have a lgs that carries malifaux. Will these be available in the wyrd online store?
  3. Can someone please point me to the English Ivan story regarding he and Mei Feng?
  4. The way it was stated, it sounded as if they were only allocated to certain places.
  5. I'm well aware of what allocate means. No reason to be insolent. I was inquiring about how they were allocated.
  6. Allocate? I hadn't heard this before. Could you please explain? Thank you.
  7. If I have to wait till September for June releases, that's it I'm done.
  8. Well, I preordered from an online store (because my local game shop doesn't carry Malifaux at the moment) and I am still waiting. I called the webstore and they said that they only got in a few items for 3E, Basse Core and Fate deck. No cards, no rule book. Said It probably won't be in till Wednesday when they get those in. So It doesn't appear stores under estimated demand. They didn't get what they ordered in the first place. I was really excited for M3E but I feel really let down by this release. I know some people got their stuff and that's great but I also know a lot of people didn't. Brick and mortar and online stores didn't get the product to get out to customers who preordered. Also print on demand cards are not available on the Vault or Drive thru yet. I know that I can print them but I would like to get my order in so I can get nice ones ASAP. I love Malifaux and the setting, I have supported Wyrd since the beginning, 1E. I used to be a henchman even. But I am close to giving up on Malifaux. What's the point when you can't get the stuff to play the game with?
  9. Actually a Cult of the Burning Man fiddler would be pretty cool. A commander perhaps.
  10. I hope we get a Wild Ones story in the next Chronicles like we did the Dark Carnival last year.
  11. Would totally subscribe to a mail version of the Chronicles. A collected book of everything that has came out in the past would be cool.
  12. Thanks. I was wondering what came out last year and couldn't remember. You are probably right but i can hope.
  13. I am really hoping we get stuff from Wave 4 at Gencon. I want Sandeep to be for sale so bad, but that is probably wishful thinking.
  14. Many children have been abducted in the city of Malifaux, spoiled children with influential parents. All signs point to the evil spirit of the Holiday season, Krampus! The guild has put a price on his head. Can you collect? A Malifaux Story Encounter Event Location: Lost Legion Games and Comics, The Castle, 406 2nd St, Beckley WV 25801 Date: 12/12/15 Time: 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM Soulstones: 35
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