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Starting Malifaux with Marcus


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Hey guys


So I've decided to start playing Malifaux and I've decided to go with Marcus.  I like the savage/feral theme he's got going. 


Now I'm here to ask you guys what should I take with him and why.  What would you suggest I get that works well with Marcus.  Note that I haven't started playing yet and, although I've read the rules,  I still don't have a clue what to expect.


Thanks in advance!

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ditto on above. 

The starting box set is very good. All models can be useful. Waldgeists would be my very next purchase (tough tanky models that can place 50mm severe terrain to control movement). Dawn Serpent next (awesome counterspell and heal). Hoarcats after that (fast scheme runners). I find myself keeping his crew fairly close together so that Marcus and Miranda's buffs effect as many models as possible. I've had trouble getting the sabretooth cerberus to work for me. It dies so easily. Same with silurids and both are relatively costly models point wise. Not to say they're not good just that it hasn't been easy to effectively use them. Lot of people are down on the slate ridge mauler but I'm not entirely convinced. Guess it depends on strat and scheme pool. I think it would be good for Miranda's sacrifice at center of table for Turf War. Cojo looks like a super tough beater but he's not. keep him back and use him to remove opponent scheme markers and push enemy models out of critical locations.

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