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FREE Shifting Loyalties/Nythera 6 week Campaign in Auburn MA


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Starting Thursday, October 22nd, at approximately 6pm, I will be starting a Malifaux Campaign! We will be using Nythera events,  and I recommend everyone registers for Nythera, although it is not mandatory.

The campaign rules detailed in Shifting Loyalties will be used (although a copy of the book is not required to play),  meaning for week one I need everyone to get together a 35ss henchman lead team! Please note toy will be using the same henchman for a leader until you are able to purchase a master!

This league is free, prizes will be provided in the format of LE figures and whatever other goodies I can scrounge up!

Games are to be played at THE BATTLE STANDARD in AUBURN, MA. Games played on days other than Thursday will need to have their results emailed to me.

For more info drop me a message, or show up on a Thursday! And yes, you can join late. 

440 Washington St, Auburn, MA 01501



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