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Iron Quill - Six Little Beggar Boys


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Theme: Six
Character: The Beggar
Location: A dusty street

Words: 105


Six little beggar boys

Trying to stay alive

One picked the wrong pocket

Then there were five


Five hungry beggar chums

Looking for a score

One stole some zombie meat

Then there were four


Four filthy beggar brats

Throwing stones at The Tree

Old Jacky Boy came visiting

Then there were three


Three lovestruck beggar boys

Gawping at the view

One fell into the dusty street

Then there were two


Two giggling beggar lads

Searching for some fun

The Guardsman didn't see the joke

Then there was one


One lonely beggar boy

Crying under the moon

Heard the pipes a-calling him

Danced to their tune



I decided to do something a bit different for my second Iron quill. Hope you like. I had particular models in mind for each of the verses, but some are left more ambiguous than others. The monkeys paw and the line were both a bit too tough to fit in: They didn't fit the feel of the poem, or the rhythm of the verses.

Edited by Zac
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I like it quite a bit, I get a very London Bridges/Ring around the Rosie vibe. My only criticism is I feel like you're missing a syllable in the last lines of each stanza - I'm pretty sure it was a choice you made considering how regularly it is, but the creepy child jumping rope in my head tripped every time...

It's a really fun piece either way.

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