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Bring out your dead


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+1 to the Seamus box set.  It's rarely (if ever) worth buying minion boxes when those minions are available in a box set.  Getting Seamus will give you another Master to play when you want to diversify and will also give you Sybelle who is a pretty solid Henchwoman for any crew (though she doesn't have any particular synergy with McMourning).

As for immediate extras you want at least one more, and maybe two more, Flesh Constructs so you have them available for summoning.  I would also advise getting hold of something you can use as Guild Autopsies (they're currently out of stock in metal so you will need to convert some unless you can find the metals at a reasonable price which is probably unlikely so converting some Guild Guard or using TTB kits is your best bet) as they provide good ranged poison and also synergy well with McMourning because of their ability to heal from Poison and they also have Ceaseless Advance like the Flesh Constructs.

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